Distance Learning for Chorus

Don’t worry!  If you’re behind on doing the Flipgrid assignments, you can still do them for FULL credit.  I would love to see your face in the video because I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!




  • Monday, 3/30: Use flipgrid to talk to me about how you’re doing so far.  Do you have any ideas for other assignments we could do in flipgrid? https://flipgrid.com/611c3668
  • Tuesday, 3/31: Sing an excerpt of “Fight Song” with Miss Peterson’s motions. https://flipgrid.com/e32b4a9f
  • Wednesday, 4/1: APRIL FOOL’S DAY – Make me believe that you’re a famous singer.  Record an excerpt of you doing lip-sync to any song. https://flipgrid.com/8982fb80
  • Thursday, 4/2: Solfege composition – Create an original song using only solfege words and signs.  Don’t stress out over it; improvisation is the best! https://flipgrid.com/dd74cf48
  • Friday, 4/3: Sing a family song.  I recommend “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands,” but you can do any song you want.  Try to get a parent, a sibling, a pet, or a stuffed animal in the video with you!  https://flipgrid.com/5f65ceca

WEEK 4 is SPRING BREAK!!! (no assignments)


  • Monday, 4/13: We have done 14 Flipgrid assignments so far.  I LOVE hearing you sing and talk to me on these videos!  I’d like for you to go back through your Flipgrid account and make sure you have done them all.  I will be entering grades into Synergy this week and I want you to get credit for how AWESOME you are!
  • Tuesday, 4/14: There have been some fabulous concerts online the last few weeks. Here’s a link to my favorite one so far.  I cried on the last song!  For today’s assignment, I’d like for you to tell me about a great performance you’ve seen online and post it to Flipgrid: https://flipgrid.com/17850700
  • Wednesday & Thursday, 4/15 & 16:  Use the melody of a song that you already know, but change the words to be about something else.  Sing your parody for me on this Flipgrid: https://flipgrid.com/e5048422
    I am going to grade you:
    25 points – singing a recognizable melody
    25 points – singing creative new lyrics
    50 bonus points – because I MISS YOU SO MUCH!
  • Friday, 4/17:  Catch up on any assignments you are missing.  Be sure to check StudentVue!


Week 7: (I emailed your parents the information for the Zoom meeting.  Let me know if you still need it.)

Week 8: *7th & 8th graders, bring me your chorus/band uniform when you come to Palmer to clean out your locker!

Week 9:

Email me if you have any questions: marla.baldwin@cobbk12.org

Only I will be able to see the students’ videos.  If you go to My.Flipgrid.com, you can log-in (with Office 365) to see comments from me.  Under “My Videos”, click “view” in the feedback column.