8th grade Honor Chorus

Sisi Ni Moja – soprano 1

Sisi Ni Moja – soprano 2 & tenor 2

Sisi Ni Moja – alto & bass

Set Me As A Seal – tenor

Set Me As A Seal – soprano

Set Me As A Seal – bass

Set Me As A Seal – alto

LGPE repertoire

6th Grade
soprano – Peace Like a River

alto – Peace Like a River

Galop (unison)

7th Grade
soprano – Winter Snow

alto – Winter Snow

boys – Winter Snow

soprano – Keep Your Lamps

alto – Keep Your Lamps

boys – Keep Your Lamps

8th Grade

soprano – Come to Me

alto – Come to Me

tenor – Come to Me

bass – Come to Me

soprano – Lightning

alto – Lightning

boys – Lightning

6th grade Repertoire for December 5th

I am careful to choose songs that fit well within your vocal range. If I have asked you to sing alto, it does not mean that you are an alto forever. We switch parts for each concert. Please rehearse only the tracks that match the voice part I’ve assigned you.

Ding A Ding – all 6th graders

African Noel – soprano

African Noel – alto

December Nights – soprano

December Nights – alto

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – soprano

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – alto

Stille Nacht

8th grade Repertoire for December 5th

Ding A Ding – all 8th graders

Candlelight Song – soprano

Candlelight song – alto

Candlelight Song – boys on melody

Garland of Carols – melody only

Angel in Eternal Flight – 4th period sopranos

Angel in Eternal Flight – 5th period sopranos

Angel in Eternal Fligth – alto

Angel in Eternal Flight – baritone

Stille Nacht

7th Grade Repertoire for December 5th

Ding A Ding – all 7th graders sing this part

Hands of Winter – alto

Hands of Winter – soprano

Hands of Winter – baritone

Our Song of Peace – soprano

Our Song of Peace – alto

Our Song of Peace – baritone

Bells of Christmas – soprano

Bells of Christmas – alto

Bells of Christmas – baritone

Stille Nacht


Here are some sample recordings of the major, minor and chromatic scales in various keys.  Use these to help you practice.  The students do this so much better than I do.  Please don’t laugh. 🙂

Starting on Middle C:

Starting on E:

Starting on A below Middle C:

Starting on E below Middle C:

Chorus Calendar

J0318174  The ultimate goal of the choral experience is the development of the individual both musically and personally for the lifelong pursuit and enjoyment of music.” 

I am easiest to reach through email: Marla.Baldwin@cobbk12.org

Chorus Calendar 

Choral concerts are the equivalent to a final exam.  Attendance is EXTREMELY important.  Our team suffers without the valuable contributions of each singer to our group sound.  If circumstances arise that cause the student to miss a concert, the following make-up assignment is required.

Download make_up_assignment.pdf