Welcome to Mrs. Denman’s blog….

I am very excited to start the year… better late than never. For those of you that know me I am eager to see you again and for those of you that don’t, I can’t wait to meet you. I wanted to tell you a little about myself.

This will be my 10th year teaching at Mt. Bethel. I love my job and look forward to coming to work everyday. I am married and have two children. I have a 5 year old daughter named Everly and a 4 month old named Cassius. My husband is Dennis and he is an electrical technician. I hold three college degrees in three unique areas. I have Bachelors in Fashion Design, a Masters in Behavior and Learning Disabilities and a Specialist in Instructional Technology.

My goal for this year is help you achieve your goals, increase your technology skills, and encourage you daily.


Hello! We have been busy working hard since I have returned. I am so proud of all my students. I wanted to give you a quick update of what we have been working on in Reading, Writing and Math.

4th Grade

In reading we have been reading nonfiction and using subtitles and text features to help us with our comprehension. We have also using text evidence to support our constructed responses. In writing we are working on opinion writing. We wrote a very persuasive essay on pajama days and we are working on an independent essay on how to improve the lunch experience at Mount Bethel, not that it isn’t already fantastic. In math we are wrapping up Ch. 4 on multiplication and I am happy to report that they are doing fantastic and can not only solve using the algorithm but have many strategies to help solve tougher problems.

5th Grade

In reading we have been reading nonfiction and reading for information. We are using text features to support our reading comprehension. In writing we are working on Informational writing and will also work on narrative writing. In math we are wrapping up Ch.7 and the students have demonstrated excellent progress with using the order of operations, numerical expressions, generating patterns and ordered pairs.

******************* Happy Thanksgiving!*************************

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I am thankful for my wonderful students and I enjoy working with them everyday. I hope the upcoming holiday is filled with warm fuzzies! Enjoy the break, you deserve it!