Friday, October 19th

1-3 Periods-Students worked on an outline for their DBQ essay during class today.  Outline are due on Monday.  Students will begin writing their essays in class on Monday.

4th Period-Students analyzed Document C for the DBQ essay in class today.


1-3 Periods– Finish DBQ outline for the essay on Monday. (Due Monday)

4th Period-none

Thursday, October 18th

Periods 1-3 Students bucketed their documents and created their thesis for their essay for the DBQ.  Students looked at exemplar essays of previous students in class today.

Period 4-Students continued their DBQ (Document Based Question) on “How did the Versailles Treaty help start WWII?” by analyzing documents and completing a document analysis sheet.


Monday, October 8th

1-3 Periods Students began working on their 1st DBQ “How did the Versailles Treaty help start WWII?”

Period 4 Students went over the Unit 1 test and students worked on corrections.


1st-3rd Period-none

4th Period-Complete test corrections and get a parent signature (Due tomorrow)