Homework: 1/22 – 1/26

Bring Home: Agenda, Monday Morning Folder, Morning Work English/Language Arts & Morning Work Math, SSIN (Social Studies), MIN (Math)

*Throughout this week, please track reading done at home in Reading Log this week.

Monday: Vocabulary Sentences (10 sentences. 1 word per sentence) and Word Sort. Adding Fractions DMQ today! My Math: Subtracting with Renaming Fractions pg. 693-694. DSSQ today! Study SSIN (Social Studies). Book club from last Friday will be held today!

Book Club WAR entry:

Students will write a letter to me Reflecting on Learning and Raising the Level of Book Clubs-Reflect on the following:

  • how the book club uses its conversation to make sense of tricky parts of a book
  • how the club conversation leads to big ideas
  • how club members quote and cite specifically from the text
  • how the club entertains multiple ideas and evidence and weighs or ranks these
  • how the club’s writing about reading is useful for developing thinking
  • how the club is demonstrates grade level work via the learning progression


Tuesday: Review vocabulary. My Math: Review Unlike Fractions pg. 649-650 and 4 Math problems on Adding Unlike Fractions. Study SSIN (Social Studies). Book club is today! Make sure all work is completed before today! STEM night is from 6-7:30pm!!

Wednesday: Vocab Quiz today! Adding and Subtracting Fractions Test is today! Study SSIN (Social Studies). Study guide sent home on Tuesday!

Thursday: Study MIN (Math) and 4 problems on Multiplying fractions by whole numbers. Study SSIN (Social studies) and create a study tool. Wear class t-shirt today for Musical Performance at 8am!

Friday: Hat Day! Study Tool for Social Studies is due! Book Club is today. Make sure all work has been completed. Study SSIN for test next week!

Students should be able to complete all Book Club work in school! If they are unable to finish their work in school, it needs to be brought home to be completed. Each student will be held accountable for keeping up with their book club work and making sure they are using their time effectively within reading time to get all their work done at school.

Due to icy conditions perhaps from our class S.A.M. (Snow Attracting Magnet) snowman 🙂 , I have changed up a few of the deadlines for assignments and dates for some of our quizzes and tests.

Hope you all have a wonderful day off!

Homework Change

5th Grade Musical Performance

Our students are “Movin’ in the Right Direction” in 2018! This is a reminder that we will have our fifth grade music performance on Thursday, January 25 (for Brooks, Behrens, Vena and Richardson) and then on Friday, January 26 (for Phillips, Gavin, Marroquin, Morelli, and Meeker) at 8 am. Please have your child wear his/her class t-shirt on both days. Thanks for all of your help and hope to see you on Thursday or Friday next week! Don’t forget to bring that orange sheet about our performance to East Side so you can by-pass the check-in system.

Homework: 1/16-1/19

Bring Home: Agenda, Monday Morning Folder, Morning Work English/Language Arts & Morning Work Math, SSIN (Social Studies), MIN (Math)

* Throughout this week, please track reading done at home in Reading Log this week. Due to no school on Wednesday. I have changed a few of the due dates for homework!

Tuesday: Vocabulary sentences (10 sentences, 1 word per sentence). Solve 4 problems adding fraction review on 4 square sheet of paper. My Math: Subtracting unlike fractions pg. 649-650. Study SSIN (Social Studies).

Wednesday: My Math: Adding and Subtracting Fractions (Don’t Estimate) pg. 667-668. Study SSIN (Social Studies).

Thursday: Adding Fraction Quiz today! Vocabulary Word Sort. My Math: Subtracting with renaming fractions pg. 693-694. Study SSIN (Social Studies).

Friday: Hat Day! (For Lunch Behavior Award from Admin.) Vocabulary Quiz Monday! Morning Work Review Quizzes will be on Monday. Adding and Subtracting Fractions Test on next Tuesday! Social Studies Quiz today! Book club is today. (Make sure all work has been completed before today!)


Weekly Report

Last week, we finished our unit on Big Business Big Cities and began our new unit on Spanish American War, Panama Canal, and WWI. We will be continuing on this unit this week.

In math, we are learning about adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers. We began our fraction unit by looking at the parts of a fraction and learning what they mean. We have looked at how fractions and division go hand in hand, learned about LCM for finding common denominators, and learned about how to simplify and make improper fractions into mixed numbers.

Reading: Delving into our fantasy unit, students began by leveling up for their reading levels and were placed in book clubs. They created their own book club contracts last week, and will be choosing their book club book today. We will have book club meetings on Tuesdays and Fridays! Our first book club meeting will be on Friday. Students are responsible for their own work and coming prepared on the day of their book club meetings. They will have time in class to complete their work. Last week we started fantasy by learning about setting and learning curves of characters within fantasy.

Writing: We have began our new unit on opinion and persuasive writing! We received a letter from our principal asking for whether or not flavored milk should be sold in the cafeteria. Our class is writing letter responses back to her letter as we learn the power of persuasion and how to format persuasive writing. We have flash drafted and weighed our reasons, and are beginning to add in research evidence to support our views and three reasons with our claim.

Homework: 1/9 – 1/12

Bring Home: Monday Folder, Agenda, Morning Work Math, Morning Work English/Language Arts, MIN (Math), SSIN (Social Studies)

* Throughout this week, please track reading done at home in Reading Log this week!

Tuesday: Bring back Report Card envelope unsealed and signed. Study Tool due today. My Math: LCM pg. 581-582. Vocabulary Sentences (10 sentences, 1 word in each). Study SSIN.

Wednesday: Study SSIN. Quiz today on Big Businesses Big Cities. My Math: Add Unlike Fractions pg. 641-642. Vocabulary Word Sort.

Thursday: Review Vocabulary. Quiz today on Big Businesses Big Cities. Study SSIN. Study MIN on Adding Fractions.

Friday: Vocabulary Quiz today. ELA and Math Morning Work Quiz. Math Quiz on Adding Fractions. Test on Big Businesses Big Cities.

STEM Night

East Side’s Annual Family STEM Night

Please join us for our annual Family STEM Night this January 23rd  from 6:00-7:30! Cheer your child on as they make paperclips fly, build roller coasters, play with robots, and much more!

Mark your calendars and bring your whole family for this fun-filled STEM Night!

**Please note: this is not a drop-off event**

Homework: 1/4-1/5

Bring home: Agenda, SSIN, Monday folder, and Report Card envelope (on Friday)

Thursday: Study guides were glued into SSIN books. Work on creating a study tool (due on Monday) for this unit based on your study guide. (We discussed study tool examples in class like Quizlet, flashcards, a game, a question answer handout, etc.)

Friday: Continue to review SSIN and study for unit test next week. Study tool is due on Monday in class. Report cards go home today! Signed empty unsealed envelope is due on Monday!


Weekly Report

Welcome back from winter break! Happy 2018!

Today, students took their SRI mid-year test and will be taking the mid-year SMI soon. We talked about the 5th grade ranges for test scores and look that over the course of the year that students grow 100 points. The SMI and SRI give students immediate quantile score feedback. For SRI, 5th graders should be performing on the 830-1014 range; while for SMI, 5th graders should be performing on the 820-1020 range.

Social Studies: We are finishing up our Big Business and Big Cities unit. I passed out study guides today, and we will be testing at the end of next week.

Reading: We are leveling up in reading to determine our mid-year reading F&P levels and will shortly begin our Fantasy unit.

Writing: Our new writing unit is on persuasive pieces! We will be integrating many of our informational strategies with research within our writing unit this quarter!

Math: Our unit on fractions is just beginning. We have been working on some Greg Tang math strategies with comparing fractions and looking at the meaning behind numerators and denominators with looking at the size of their parts and keeping in mind our benchmark fractions (0, 1/2, & 1).

Report cards will be going home tomorrow!


Homework: 12/12-12/15

Bring Home: Monday Folder, Agenda, Morning Work Math, Morning Work English/Language Arts, MIN (Math)

Tuesday:  Word sort. Memorize 30 second speech for Wax Museum. Study Guide Math #1-8.

Wednesday  Reading Quarter 2 Test. 10 vocab. sentences with one vocab word in each sentence. Study Guide Math #9-16. Bring your Wax Museum poster, props, and costumes into class tomorrow! Memorize 30 second speech for Wax Museum.

Thursday: Dividing Decimals Test. Review vocab. Memorize 30 second speech for Wax Museum. No Target. Bring in Wax Museum poster, props, and costumes into class today!

Friday:  Wax Museum Presentation today! Parents can visit from 10:30-11:30 in Media Center. Vocab quiz! Morning Work math and ELA quiz.

*If you are in AC Math. Math Homework written does not apply. Visit the AC Math Webpage for your homework.

Writing biographies should be completed in class only!