Upcoming Dates and Reminders

Comment Cards will be going home Wednesday with SMI and SRI scores. We will be taking the SRI tomorrow!

Decades Project Presentations will begin on Wednesday. I cannot wait to see all of our class’s final products after working so hard on them in class!!

We will be having our last Vocabulary and ELA and Math Quiz this week for the entire semester!

I cannot believe how quickly this year is coming to an end. ūüôĀ


STEM Day Materials

East Side’s last school wide STEM Day is May 15th.  Our 5th grade students will be doing an awesome activity involving animal family creations.  We are asking that parents donate the following items if they are able:  paper core tubes (toilet paper/paper towel rolls), cardboard, plastic lids (bottle caps), empty metal cans (soda/canned goods), assorted fabric scraps (preferably neutral colored), and plastic bottles (various sizes).  Please send in these recycled items by Monday, May 13th.  Thank you in advance for your help in making our last STEM day a huge success! 


If you were unable to attend the parent preview for the upcoming Human Growth and Development program, there is a second opportunity to come in and ¬†look at the information your child would receive. This is not the original presentation by Kathy Krueger but rather an opportunity to look a the information in a folder format with photocopies of the slides from her PowerPoint presentation.¬† If you would like to have an opportunity to look at this information please email Virginia Hetzel (4th & 5th counselor) at [email protected].


The second preview session will Tuesday, April 24th 10:00-11:00 am or 2:00-3:00 pm.


Thank you.

Dress Code Reminder and Career Research

Parents and Students,

As the summer of the year approaches, dress styles tend to change to provide the most comfort in warm weather. Please understand, however, that East Side has a dress code that we do enforce. We want our students to dress in a way that encourages them to be properly attired in order to do their best work.

Thank you,

Elizabeth J. Mavity


Administrators and teachers will enforce the dress code that includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Shoes must be worn at all times, tennis shoes on PE days. Flip Flops are discouraged since they lack much support.
  • Caps, hats, or bandanas may not be worn in the building except as authorized for special occasions.
  • Clothing or ornamentation displaying illegal substances for minors, suggestive phrases, markings or profanity are prohibited.
  • Students may wear shorts as appropriate and at the discretion of the administration. Appropriate shorts are those that are near fingertip length.
  • No bare midriff’s, bare backs or halter tops allowed.
  • No spaghetti-strap tank tops. Tank tops must be three-finger in width.


I went over the dress code again at the end of the day today. Please have this discussion with your child.

In addition, we researched for our Career of choice in the areas of gov’t, finance, marketing, and I.T. Students had ample time to finish their research in class. If it was not completed, they needed to take it home with them today to finish their research this weekend.

One of our East Side traditions is that on the last day of school there is a photo slideshow streamed throughout the school that features our 5th graders. We need your help to make this happen! Please send a photo of your child as a 5 year old and a current photo to the email address below. If you have 2 or 3 other pictures that feature groups of students during their time at East Side, we would love to have some of those as well.


Please send the email to: [email protected] and include the name of your student in the subject line by May 4, 2018. We look forward to receiving pictures of all students!


Thank you from Ms. Alexander and the 5th Grade Team.

5th Grade End of Year Pic Request

Lost and Found

Next Friday, April 20th will be a lost and found cleanout.  If you want to come and check for any missing items, you will need to come by Friday morning.

There will be one more cleanout for the school year on Wednesday, May 23rd.

Last call for Fifth Grade Finale 


The PTA’s Fifth Grade Finale is only six weeks away! This year’s event will celebrate our graduating students with rides, games, food and more.¬†In order to attend, your child must have a ticket.¬†Please log in to the PTA web site¬†Home Page_2016¬† click the ‘Events’ tab and scroll to Fifth Grade Finale to buy your student’s admission by Friday. To confirm that you already bought a ticket, log in, click the ‘My Stuff’ tab and scroll to previous orders where you can review all PTA web site purchases. Please email [email protected] with questions.¬†

LAST CALL for 5th Grade Finale

Weekly Report

This week our focus has been on customary and metric units of measure and converting between units. We discussed weighing in mass, length, and capacity. We additionally learned about line plots with finding the mean, median, mode and range of fraction data.

We finished our unit on WWII in social studies and have been learning about cells and microorganisms this week. Students are creating Microorganism Wanted posters in class. We learned about DNA and created a 3D double helix model and have been looking at the organelles of a cell.

In reading and writing, our focus has been poetry with learning how to analyze and organize the parts of a poem. We have been integrating figurative language into both our writing and reading units this week. Our class has been creating figurative language mystery poems. We will finish them after break and then will use our poetry analysis skills to determine the hidden meaning and object or small moment of the poem.

I hope everyone has a relaxing break! Please make sure to be well rested upon your return for our last full day of school before testing starts on Tuesday after break.

Homework: 3/26-3/30

Bring Home: Agenda, Monday Folder, English/Language Arts Morning Work, Math Morning Work, MIN (Math), SSIN (Social Studies) & SCIN (Science)

*Please track reading from home in Reading Log this week! Please study metric and customary units this week!

Monday: Vocabulary sentences (10 sentences with 1 word in each). My Math: Customary Capacity pg.843-844. Study SSIN. Be prepared for math and science quizzes this week comment card goes home.

Tuesday: Vocabulary Word Sort. My Math: Metric Length pg.861-862. Social Studies Test. Began new unit in Science. Study metric and customary units! Study figurative language. Comment card due.

Wednesday: My Math: Metric Mass pg.875-876. Review words on Quizlet. Study SCIN. Figurative Language Test.

Thursday: Study SCIN. Vocabulary Quiz. Study SCIN. Study composite volume. Customary Weight pg.829-830.

Friday: Study MIN (math) and SCIN (science). Morning Work Quizzes. Target students take Vocabulary quiz today!