April 18


5th period Science: Study your notes for Quiz Friday, Bring in an old shirt for the sedimentary rock lab.


1st, 2nd, 4th period Math: Complete page 877 in the work book, our quiz is tomorrow (integers and absolute value)


3rd period math: complete page 861, quiz tomorrow(integers and absolute value.



April 17

homework 4/17

Math 3rd period: home is on page 853 Absolute value.

Watch video about absolute value click link below.

Absolute value

Science 5th period:

Finish Visuals for Sedimentary Rock Notes, Finish Sedimentary Rock Vocabulary notes use the

Rock Cycle Reading (Read pages 456 through 467).  Read pages 474 thru 485  and answer questions 11 thru 13 on pages 480 and 481


Math 1st ,2nd and 4th period: complete page 861 problems 14 thru 23.