October 6

10/6 online text book for math.

Follow the instructions below to access the online text book.

  1. go to http://connected.Macgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do
  2. user name is              ccsd(lunch number)   ex. ccsd1234567
  3. pasword is                 cobbmath1


you may also access this by going the the math links on the left side of my blog page.

September 13


Tonight’s home is on page 167 in the text complete problems 1-8.

Please view the following video on Least common multiple and Greatest common factor to help with tonight’s home work.

August 28


tonight’s homework is to complete problems 1-4. If you feel confident you may complete 1 thru 8.

please view the following video on multiplying with decimals.

August 25


please complete questions 10, 11, 12, and 13 on the back of the adding, subtracting and dividing worksheet. This will be due Monday 8/28.  If have not completed the matching activity  and  any work book page these will need to be turn in monday as well.