Science Test Wednesday 10/4

We have a water/weather testWednesday  The kids have been aware of this since the week before break.  Today in class they began their last review in the form of a study guide.  Your child should work on the study guide and review it with you tonight and tomorrow night.  A completed, signed, and returned study guide is worth 10 bonus points for the test.  The study guide is in addition to nightly homework, because they had class time to finish it.


Most kids are not finishing their morning work in the mornings, so from here on, the “morning work” will become “homework.” and we’ll do problem solving during morning work time.  So, each night, your child is expected to……

read and write the length of time, title and page #’s in his or her agenda

Complete the homework for that day (from the packet)

Homework 8/8

Read and write down your page #s and minutes.

Finish morning work for Tuesday if you didn’t finish in class.

Solve the following problems on a piece of paper.  2039-1932=      1039-595=

39482+3940=     3940-2939=

Homework 8/7

If you didn’t finish your morning work for Monday, finish it tonight.

Read and write the page numbers in your agenda.

Read “Life in New England” and answer the question at the bottom of the page.