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Griffin Middle School Haunted House

Volunteers are need for the 5th Annual Griffin Middle School Haunted House! The House has typically be staffed with IB Juniors and Seniors and we don’t want to break that tradition. This year’s theme is “House of Horrors” with scary movies highlighted. We need volunteers for THIS Friday and Saturday. You would need to arrive at Griffin on Friday right after school (no later than 4:00 and around 5:00 on Saturday. There is a mandatory walk thru Thursday at 6:00 p.m. If you are interested in volunteering, please text Denise Raymond at 404-825-9061 ASAP with your name and availability. You get 12 CAS hours for volunteering both days and 7 if you can only do one day. Come be part of this amazing tradition!

GHP 2018-2019

CHS will be sending 16 students to the county-level interviews this year for the academic areas of the Governor’s Honors Program (Communicative Arts, World Languages, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies). If you are a sophomore or junior interested in interviewing for one of these spots during the week of October 08-12, bookmark this post! Everything you need for the process–paperwork, applications, timelines, links, and so on–will be posted here. See Mr. Jones in room 902 or email him ([email protected]) if you have any questions. For more information about the GHP program statewide, visit the official site here.

Step 1: Download the application using this link:


It is a Word document, and the answer boxes will expand as you type. You will need to fill out one application for each subject area you wish to interview for (you can interview for as many subject areas as you like). Complete the application, print it (save it as well–you will need your answers again if you are selected), and bring it with you to the interview–just give the hard copy to one of the teachers running the interview session.

Step 2: Attend the interview for your subject area(s). The interview schedule is below. If you cannot attend the interview because of a schedule conflict, see the teacher listed or Mr. Jones and we will try to work out an alternate time. All interviews must be completed by Friday, October 12. Selected students will be notified by the end of that day and given instructions about the next steps in the process.

Morning (7:40-8:10) Afternoon (3:45-4:15)
Monday, 10/8  n/a  n/a
Tuesday, 10/9 Math


Room 905



Room 1004

Wednesday, 10/10  n/a Communicative Arts (Literature)

Mr. Smith

Room 917

Thursday, 10/11

(Early Release Day)



Room 901




Room 905

*This session will start 15 minutes after Early Release dismissal.

Friday, 10/12 Social Studies


Room 913






My Information for College and Scholarship Apps

Some of you are still asking me what you need to put in for my counselor info–the PDF below has everything you should need. (This is the same one I gave you at our class college meeting.)

My Info-1i2jfh4

Updated College Visits – Several Schools Have Been Added!

Sign up for all of these in the counseling office on the 600 hall.


10th – Monday – 9:00 – Seton Hall University

11th – Tuesday – 10:30 – Tufts University

11th – Tuesday- 2:30 -Georgia Southern University

12th – Wednesday – 9:30 -Berry College

12th – Wednesday – 10:30 – SCAD

17th – Monday – 9:30 – University of Georgia

17th – Monday -10:30 – University of Southern California

18th – Tuesday – 9:00 – Emory

19th – Wednesday – 9:00 – Clark Atlanta University

20th – Thursday – 9:00 – Gordon State College



1st – Furman University -11:00

5th – Georgia College – 2:30 p.m.

9th – Georgia Highlands – 10:30 a.m.

15th – Columbus State University – 10:30 a.m.

15th -Dillard University- 2:30 p.m.

Upcoming College Visits in September

Upcoming visits from admissions representatives are listed below, along with information on how to sign up. If this list is updated, I will add schools and re-send the link to you via Remind 101.

4th- Tuesday- 2:00 – University of Kentucky School of Engineering- Sign up in the Counseling office on the 600 hall

5th – Wednesday – 9:00 – Georgia Tech- Sign up in the Counseling office on the 600 hall

6th – Thursday – 2:30 – Carnegie Mellon – Sign up using this link

10th – Monday – 9:00 – Seton Hall University- Sign up in the Counseling office on the 600 hall

10th -Monday – 11:45 – George Washington University- Sign up using this link

11th – Tuesday – 10:30 – Tufts University- Sign up in the Counseling office on the 600 hall

11th – Tuesday – 12:00 – Vanderbilt University- Sign up using this link

12th – Wednesday – 10:30 – SCAD- Sign up in the Counseling office on the 600 hall

14th – Friday – 1:45 – Williams College- Sign up using this link

20th – Thursday – 9:00 – Gordon State College- Sign up in the Counseling office on the 600 hall


See the attachments for information and the application. You must complete and print the application and then send it to the USSYP Coordinator:

Trudy Delhey

K-12 Social Studies Supervisor

514 Glover Street, Suite 220

Marietta, GA 30060

USSYP Flyer-13e68d8

2019 Official USSYP Brochure-26hmjnf

2019 USSYP APP-Final-1glkfps

Q and A from the College Advising Meeting

I will keep adding to this list as needed (and will let you know if I need to change any of my answers!)…

Is Early Action legally binding?

If a college says that the decision is binding, it’s not a legal definition, of course, but it is an ethical one. If you apply to a school with a binding early decision and get in, you are expected to take it. If you do not, word travels fast—admissions officers stay in contact with each other and it could seriously hamper your chances at other schools. Don’t apply for a binding decision school or program unless you are 100% sure you will say yes if accepted.

Is the SAT/ACT info on Big Futures accurate?

It’s as accurate as it can be—they rely on colleges to report the ranges of test scores, so in the end, you’re taking the word of the schools. Even if it isn’t 100% accurate, it can give you an idea of what to shoot for.

Do you have to apply directly to schools if you are also applying via a scholarship like Posse or QuestBridge?

In almost every case, YES. Although scholarships work closely with universities, you still have to fulfill certain requirements and make it through the same application process that other students do. Your timelines may be a little different, but in the end, you have to complete the same info (and sometimes more). Check the rules for the scholarship or contact them directly to be sure. 

How do restrictive application schools know if you are applying to other schools (against the rules)?

Again, admissions officers talk and your name could get out there—even if it happened after the fact, it wouldn’t look good for you. Also, I’m not sure if I want to work with students who don’t abide by the ethical expectations built into these kinds of processes. It’s not a lot to ask you to follow rules and be honest about it, right?

Can I still get a teacher rec from Mrs. Smith?

Absolutely! Contact her via email first, but I know she would love to write them for you all.

What happens when I get deferred from Early Action? Do I have to reapply?

Not at all—your application is simply moved into the regular admission pool. If you are DENIED from Early Action (very rare), you are out of the running…but that almost never happens.

When should I send my test scores?

Send them as soon as possible after you submit your application to a particular school. That way they will have a file ready for them with your name on it. Do it sooner, not later—SAT and ACT scores can get delayed sometimes and there’s little you can do about it.

How do you self-report magnet courses on the Common App?

Call them “honors” or “accelerated”—whichever term is more impressive.

How do you know where to send transcripts for schools that don’t use Common App or aren’t online like UGA?

All you have to do is let me know where you want it sent. If I have to mail it, just bring me a stamp.

How important is demonstrated interest?

Not as important as you might think. (Emory flat-out says they don’t even consider it.) If you can let a school know you’re interested via a visit or tour, great—but ultimately, you demonstrate interest by applying and presenting a strong application.

Is Early Action or Decision just about numbers?

In some cases, yes (definitely for UGA). For the more selective schools, your overall application will still be read, but the numbers get your foot in the door first.

Does the subject that your teacher rec comes from matter a lot?

Not always—it would only really matter if you are applying to a specific program…Engineering schools would obviously love to hear from a math or science teacher, for example. But ultimately, recs are there to show colleges how you behave as a student in any class. Are you engaged? Reliable? Able to work with others? These qualities are what teachers want more than anything else.

Should I interview for UGA or Tech?

Like I said in the presentation, never turn down a chance to an interview (even a short or informal one—meeting an admissions official while on a tour is an “interview” in a way). But if it’s not in the cards and not required, don’t despair—impress them with everything else and they will WANT to meet you in person.

Can I transfer from my safety school into another one?

Absolutely! I’ve known students who transferred from the University of Alabama to Duke in their sophomore year. The key is to show up at your school freshman year and DOMINATE—get involved, make nothing but As, and prove that you are ready for the college experience. Your transfer will be much more likely after that. (Or you might decide you love it and stay where you are.)

Can I apply HOPE or Zell money to other states?

Sadly, no—these scholarships exist to keep smart students like you in Georgia schools. Some schools will “match” them (give you a deal that makes your payments the same), but you lose the scholarships as soon as you cross state lines.

Do we put your name anytime we are asked for our counselor?

YES. I’m the one who will be contacting schools on your behalf and submitting your materials, so you have to list me to give me those rights. Your alphabetical counselor in the counseling office, while great, will have very little to do with your applications.

How do I set up a college visit or interview?

Most college websites have regular visit and tour schedules as well as a way to schedule a visit online; you can request to meet with an admissions officer then if you’d like (and if they can make it work). Colleges that require or encourage interviews will reach out to you about setting one up or will give specific instructions on their website.

How do I send my test scores to schools?

You send ACT and SAT scores from the same sites you use to register for exams. All colleges have codes, and you just enter that code in and pay the correct fee for sending the score to each school.

Do you send colleges our weighted or unweighted GPA?

Most colleges look at weighted GPA (though many re-calculate the GPA using their own system). I only send your weighted GPA unless colleges specifically ask for the unweighted one.

Can colleges see how many times we take standardized tests?

Colleges can see how many times you take the SAT, but rarely bother to look or care unless it’s more than 3/4 times.

Can I get a club sponsor to write my rec letter?

Club sponsors usually don’t write rec letters; colleges want to know what you are like as a student in a classroom. If your sponsor is also one of your teachers, that is a great chance for them to talk about you as an overall student.

Summer Work for CHS IB Magnet Students

Scroll through this list to find and download the summer work that you will need to complete for your courses in the 2018-2019 school year). Directions are on each downloadable document. Assignments are grouped by subject area and–when possible–labeled with the grade level.


Rising seniors planning to take the SAT one more time in the fall AND rising juniors looking for some extra practice before the PSAT/NMSQT in October have an opportunity to take a discounted Applerouth SAT prep class on the CHS campus this fall. The flyer is below with all of the dates and information you need.

Campbell Fall flyer-1cyni9f


IB History 12 (rising seniors):

2016-17 Summer Word List-1if20au

Best Book Summer Prompts-1836mcf

IB History of the Americas 11 (rising juniors):

Summer assignment HOTA-26smwv5

AP Human Geography 9 (rising freshmen):

AP Human Geography Summer Assignment 20182019-1zecij5


IB HL Math 12 (rising seniors):

Summer Work HL 12-1t8i0y3

IB Math Studies 12 (rising seniors):

Math Studies Summer Work-1m6hty0

Accelerated Algebra I / Geometry A:

ACA1GA Summer Work-254rrnv

Accelerated Algebra II / Geometry B:

Summer Work ACCGBA2-196upkr


IB Chemistry 12 (rising seniors):

IB Chem Sr Summer work-1timp6c


IB Spanish HL 12 (rising seniors):

CHS ISDS Application 2018-2019-29hg7si

Recommended (but not mandatory) activities for all levels of Spanish:

Recommended Spanish Summer Work-1288woi

IB French SL 11 (rising juniors):


IB French HL 12 (rising seniors):

IB HL-French-Summer-Work-16s52om


IB Visual Art 11 and 12 (rising juniors and seniors):

IB Visual Arts Summer Work -2e66hc4


Pre-IB Ninth Literature (rising freshmen):

PreIB 9th Grade Literature-1lxanyl

AP Language / Brit Lit 10 (rising sophomores):

2018 Summer Reading Assignment for AP Language 10-1mi96b6

IB English 11 (rising juniors):

IB 11th Grade Literature-170s8rg

IB English HL 12 (rising seniors and all students planning to work with Mr. Jones as their college advisor):






Great CAS Opportunity

Juniors–if you live close to CHS, here’s a great way to pick up lots of volunteer hours and experience over the summer: helping out in the school’s front office. You would be working with the awesome Ms. Lord in the office, doing a variety of jobs that will have a direct and positive impact on the school. The work would run from June 4-July 19 (Mon-Thurs only), and the hours are from 8-5, though if you could only do mornings or afternoons, that could be an easy split or share with another student. If you’re interested and would like more information, please contact Mrs. Lord at [email protected] or just go see her in the front office.

IB Medal Ceremony

Everything you need to know about the IB medal ceremony:

  • It will be this Saturday, May 19, from 1-3 pm in the CHS auditorium and cafeteria. The best parking will be in the stadium lot.
  • Because space is so limited, please only bring up to four additional family members with you to the ceremony. We literally won’t have enough seats for everyone in the auditorium if this number is exceeded.
  • Seniors should be here for the line-up by 12:45. Let us know if you won’t be able to make it so we don’t hold the line for you.
  • Dress code is “dressy casual”/”Sunday best.” Nothing too fancy, but definitely no jeans, shorts, sneakers, etc. You’ll be taking a lot of pictures and want to look your best.
  • Wear your gown but not your cap. Leave your other cords and stoles at home as well–you’ll be getting your IB medal and it should be the only decoration for the day.
  • Ask Mr. Jones or Mr. Penick for more information if you have any questions.

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