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The Great Gatsby Study Guide

If you were absent or misplaced your copy, here is the study guide for Gatsby. Ask Mr. Jones or classmates about due dates.

Great Gatsby Study Guide copy-tjlxwq

Class of 2019: International College & University Fair

This is an ideal opportunity for you to talk face-to-face with admissions officials from universities and colleges from around the globe who understand the IB and who actively recruit IB graduates.  Participating CIS member universities and colleges understand and demonstrate a commitment to the IB through a clearly stated institutional recognition policy.

The fairs are designed exclusively for grade 11 and 12 students currently studying in International Baccalaureate (IB) schools, as well as students in grade 10 who aspire to the IB Diploma Program. Participation at the fairs is free. Download the flyer below for more information. 


Reading Schedule for The Unvanquished and The Great Gatsby

Reading Schedule for The Unvanquished and The Great Gatsby

A Day/B Day Before you walk into class, you should have read…
3-26 / 3-27 “Ambuscade” and “Retreat”
3-28 / 3-29 “Raid”
4-9 / 4-10 “Riposte in Tertio” and “Vendee”
4-11 / 4-12 “Skirmish at Sartoris” and “An Odor of Verbena”
4-13 / 4-15 IN-CLASS ESSAY
4-16 / 4-17 Gatsby 1-3
4-18 / 4-19 Gatsby 4-6
4-20 / 4-23 Gatsby 7-9


All classes will be split between novel study and commentary (Paper 1) practice.

All remaining classes before “exam season” starts will be used for exam prep, and I will have exam review sessions from 3:45-4:45 each afternoon from April 30 through May 3. I’ll also ditch my second block and have a final review/cram session the morning of Monday, May 7 (before Paper 1).

CAS Opportunity: Volunteer at Jonquil Festival

One of the booths at the upcoming Jonquil Festival will be the Smyrna Vision booth. The city of Smyrna is asking for student volunteers from CHS to work short (only one hour) shifts throughout the day. The plan is to pair up CHS student volunteers with our adult volunteers so that each can bring his or her own experience and information to the table. Most of your time will be spent interacting with the visitors at the festival.

Signing up is easy–just use this link:

If you have any questions, you can contact Mr. Maxwell Ruppersburg at

[email protected] or via phone/text at 404-326-3288.

Reading Schedule for Their Eyes…

Here is the schedule we will use to work though the novel. If you are absent, you are expected to keep up with the reading and will take the quiz you missed on the day you you return to class, so don’t get behind!

On this date…/You should have these chapters completed…

March 13 / 1-3

March 15 / 4-6

March 16 / 7-10

March 20 / 11-13

March 21 / 14-17

March 22 / 18-19 (we will read 20 in class that day)

Your essay test will be Friday, March 23. We will start reading The Catcher in the Rye the following Monday, so order your copy now if you don’t have it already!


How to Calculate Your Hope GPA

See the PDF linked below for instructions. If you have questions, see Ms. Loftin in the counseling office. (And remember, the only HOPE GPA that matters is the one you have when you graduate in May–you can still bring it up this semester.)

How to Find your HOPE GPA-1860i5x

Two Scholarships from LGE

LGE Community Credit Union is sponsoring two scholarship opportunities. Read below for more details.

  1. Go to this page to see instructions about the first scholarship. It involves making a video and filling out an application. Instructions and links are on that page.
  2. A local version of the scholarship is also available–Dr. Walker can only nominate one senior from CHS, though. If you would like to be nominated, fill out the application (link below) and take it directly to Dr. Walker (not me) or Ms. Lord, her secretary, before April 9.

Cobb Scholarship Student Application-13ej43h

Guidelines for Uploads (IB Seniors Only)

  • If you have gotten the last round of edits/revisions/suggestions from your supervisor for your EE and have made those changes, you may go ahead and upload your final draft to the IB coursework site.
  • If you need to meet with your supervisor one more time to get edits and suggestions for your EE, you need to send a copy of the EE (or present a hard copy of it) to your supervisor by Monday, March 5. This will allow time for you to make any last fixes. You should then upload your final draft as soon as possible.
  • ALL students should send an electronic copy of your EE to your supervisor, even after you upload it, so that we can read it carefully and give you a predicted grade. Do this as soon as you can.
  • ALL students should fill out the EE reflection/planning form, sign it (you can sign using your PDF reader), and send it to your supervisor. We will fill out the rest of it and Mr. Penick and Mr. Jones will upload them all.
  • ALL students should upload the HL English written assignment (the piece you wrote about the literature in translation last year) and your ToK prescribed essay to the IB coursework site.

Here’s the real story on all of this: the upload window for you is open from March 1-March 15. You are responsible for uploading your EE, the ToK essay, and your English L.I.T. paper before the deadline. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that some sort of technical glitch or your own procrastination will keep you from accomplishing this. If you don’t get it all done, you will lose your chance to earn the full IB diploma—that’s an IB rule, not a CHS rule. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with this—we want all of you to get it done. But do not wait until the last minute to ask, because that’s going to add pressure to an already stressful situation.

If you have any questions, ask Mr. Penick, Mr. Jones, Mrs. Kidd, Mr. Laird, or Mr. Lynch. We may not have the answers but we will be able to help you find out the answer as fast as possible. Here are some links that should help you out:




Sample EE Supervision Model


Full EE Website


Another spot to look Specific post related to reflection forms



March Scholarship Bulletin

This month’s bulletin is so packed with opportunities that I wanted to make sure everyone got it, including those of you who haven’t signed up for it. (If you’re one of those people, why didn’t you sign up?) You can download the newsletter below.

Here’s the link to the newsletter:

Senior Scholarship Bulletin-March 2018-1lfseh7

Here’s the info and updated 2018 app for Billy Bryan.  (I cannot write or submit a rec letter for you on this one, since I am on the round one selection committee.)

Billy Bryan App CHS 2018-x81cdd

William Billy Bryan-uom01a


The Awakening

Here is the reading schedule and some background information to help you as we begin The Awakening.

Reading Schedule

Due Monday, February 12: Chapters 1-10

Due Tuesday, February 13: Chapters 11-20

Due Wednesday, February 14: Chapters 21-31

Due Thursday, February 15: Chapters 32-39

Final assessment: Friday, February 16

Reading Schedule 2018-10xodkm

And here is a guide to help you prepare for the quiz on Monday:

Reading Guide 1-10 2018-ty0ui7

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