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School Phone Number:  770-975-6655
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Cobb Website:  www.cobbk12.org 

Frey Website: www.cobbk12.org/frey

Trunk or Treat

Allatoona High School’s FCCLA


How to Participate?

First thing…distribute this flyer to your students and parents to promote this event!    Next, bring your family and join us on October 27th from 4-6 pm in the Founder’s Lot at Allatoona High School!! Note: The Founder’s Lot is located to the right back corner of the football field. Signs will be posted for your convenience.

We will be serving hotdogs, chips and beverages for $1.00 each during the event. Lastly, HAVE FUN and ENJOY YOUR AFTERNOON WITH US!!!

Please email Mrs. Alejandro at [email protected] if you have any questions

Conference Link

Please use the link below to sign up for a conference!




Day 12!

Dear Families,

We have had an amazing first few weeks of Kindergarten!  We are still learning and practicing our rituals and routines.  Be on the look out for our Kindergarten behavior sheet.

We visited the learning commons today, we heard an amazing story from Ms. Sherman.  We will try to visit the learning commons once a week.  When your child has finished enjoying their book, feel free to send it back to school. During the morning, we usually have some extra time and allow the children to head to the learning commons to check out a new book of their choice.


Here are some fun ideas for you to ask your child about their learning!

Writing numbers with our chants: 1–say ” starting point , 1 is fun”

2–“starting point, pull up and down across the ground, that’s the way we make a 2”

3–“starting point, around the tree, around the tree, that’s the way we make  a 3”

4–“down and over and them some more, that’s the way we make a 4”

Draw a 5 frame, and a 10 frame– how do we use these tools to represent numbers

tally marks


Subitizing numbers– how the mind groups objects together to see numbers.  examples include when I hold up five fingers, I know that stands for 5 without counting.  A dot card with 5 dots arranged on the paper how can I see and know that it is 5 without counting each dot.


In Reading: Book handling skills, partner and independent reading, book boxes.



Welcome to your new Kindergarten Family!

I cannot wait to meet you on Monday!  Flames of Frey…….Aim High!


Please feel free to label your child’s school supplies!



Thank goodness warmer weather will be here this week because, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE AN EGG HUNT!   If you haven’t been able to send in 12 plastic eggs with a treat inside, please try to do so by Thursday. Please remember not to put chocolate treats inside (it will melt) or anything with nuts.   The wonderful room moms will be sending out information of times.  I apologize for the late notice. Last week we were made aware that some kinders were checking out early and we wanted to make sure that they could attend.

In Reader’s Workshop we are learning about what avid readers do. We have discussed how avid readers LOVE reading and they respond to  texts by trying to understand what the characters are feeling in their books to help them better understand the plot of the book.  We have been reading some big books with characters named “The Meanies”  –we are avid to find out more about these characters.

We have begun our new writing unit, opinion writing. We began the week by talking about how we can make the world a better place through our writing. First, we pick a problem we see in our world, next, we think about how the problem could be solved, and finally we think of a way we can write to persuade other people to help solve that problem (by making a sign, a book, or a letter).

In math, we are working with number up to ten. This week we will be adding and subtracting numbers within 10 through story problems, centers, and number sentences.

Finally, we are beginning  our social studies unit on the Statue of Liberty and continuing to study  living and non living and saying goodbye to our beautiful baby chicks

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I hope to see you all for the egg hunt on Friday!

The remaining sight words for the year are:

an, as, day, down, find, had, her, if, all, but, did, jump, made, many, may, more, of, out, so, that, get, into, their, then, about, could, each, from, his, long, number, other, part, some, them, use, were, which, word, your, oil, water, over, they

From our Mr. Cathey

Hello Frey Families,

Today is our third day of our two week STEM-tastic campaign for the Frey Foundation.  Let me start by thanking those families and businesses that have made early donations.  As an added bonus, all students who donate early by this Friday will receive a small gift of LED finger flashlights from the foundation. 

My first email covered some Science, and Last night’s callout mentioned how much this community has done to support STEM at Frey by addressing the big picture.  I shared how we have raised over 150,000 tax free dollars for the school. Well today, I’d like to move on to the letter T of STEM…Technology.  Each year the Foundation has been able to increase the amount of extra technologies that our students have access to.  We currently have 2 laptop carts for literacy and research along with 94 iPads in use by our students thanks to the Frey Foundation.  With your help, it is one of our goals to double that for next year.  Students are able to code and program mini-robots, film and post themselves doing assignments and presentations in all subjects, and take assessments that provide immediate data to their teachers. These examples are just naming a few of the many benefits of this technology.  I have already mentioned how our students are given opportunities and advantages that most public and private school students do not receive, and in the coming days, you will hear personal accounts of the experiences and resources provided to your student’s teacher thanks to these Foundation funds.  We hope that you will visit our Foundation webpage and join us in being a part of The 2018 STEM-tastic Campaign!





Jason Cathey


Week of March 5-9

Dear families,


We are so excited about our field trip this Friday to the art barn! If you have not sent in your child’s permission form, please be sure to send it in as soon as possible.  If you are planning to chaperone, please remember that you will have to provide your own transportation. Also, your child will need to ride on the school bus, or be counted absent from school if you elect to bring him or her with you. In years past, parents have met at the school to carpool and follow the buses. Please feel free to continue this tradition.

Remember, we are going to a farm, so send your child in appropriate clothing (clothes toed shoes, comfortable clothes, overalls optional :).

Remember that lunches need to be disposable, so please do not send in lunchboxes or water bottles that cannot be thrown away.


We will be going to the STEM lab on Thursday to learn more about our science standard on rocks and soil.


We hope everyone had a great time at STEM night. Our STEM-TASTIC campaign is in full swing. Please continue to support our STEM program. All monies earned will go directly to our children.




A parade is coming

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a fabulous February break and enjoyed the beautiful weather! If you traveled or had a “staycation”, what a wonderful week to enjoy as a family.

We have an exciting week this week!   On Thursday, we will have our storybook character parade! Don’t forget to send in the form indicating the character your child will portray, along with the filled out character foldout that was sent home. I am soo excited to see the amazing characters.

Later in the evening, please come join us for STEM night!  It is a fun family night that has something for everyone!  Come and join us in the Kindergarten wing to build a boat and see if it will sink or float!


If you have not completed the parent survey for our school, please take a moment to let the state of Georgia know about the best school in the nation.!


Georgia Parent Survey
Parents please complete this survey as it calculates into our School Climate Rating and reflects on us as an entire school, teaching staff, and community.  The Georgia Parent Survey is required for all schools in Georgia. Parents may complete the survey using their personal computer, smartphones or tablet. All parents should be encouraged to participate in the Georgia Parent Survey because the data will be used as part of the calculation of the School Climate Star Rating. Survey responses are anonymous and will be submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education for analysis.  Individual data results from the Georgia Parent Survey will not be available to the public and will not be posted online.  The URL address for the Georgia Parent Survey is posted below.
Georgia Parent Survey:


Important dates to remember:

March 1st at 8:15am – Story Book Parade – parents are welcome to join us as we parade through the halls as our favorite storybook characters! 
March 1st at 6:00 p.m.  STEM night
March 16th at 12pm – St Patrick’s Day treat and craft  from our room moms- parents invited.
March 30th – Kindergarten Easter Egg Hunt –More information coming home this week!


Week of January 4 and January 8

Welcome 2018!  As much as I treasure my time with my own family…..what an honest burst of happiness to see all of your little ones come through my door yesterday morning!  We shared stories of lost teeth, some new wiggly ones and all of the holiday magic  that occurred over the break! 

Report Cards are in folders!  I will send home an updated copy of your child’s sight word list  next week!  As always, if you would like to meet to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns you have, please contact me at your convenience!

-Mrs. Cireddu

Important Dates to remember:

January 5     Show your team spirit!!  wear the colors of your team to show your spirit.

January 5     Report Cards come home

January 11  Wellstar nurses visit our classroom to teach nutrition.  The title of this lesson “Eat it”

January 15  Martin Luther King Jr. Day–NO SCHOOL

January 19  Science Fair Projects due (If you need additional information, head to the PTSA link on Frey’s webpage for all the details)

January 23  2nd grade students have a singing performance

January 26  For a $1donation your child may wear Crazy socks to school.  All proceeds benefit Relay for Life 

January 30  Zaxby’s spirit night


This week and next week in the classroom:


Writer’s workshop

  • Winter break narrative writing, then students will act out their story in charades for everyone to guess.
  • What writers do if a story is confusing to the readers or seems to be missing important information

Starting quarter 3 we will learn about informational writing.  We will begin writing “how to books”

Mini lessons include

  • Writers study the kind of writing they plan to make
  • writers use what they already know know: touching and telling the steps across the pages
  • Writers become readers, Asking, “Can I follow this?”
  • Writers answer a partners questions
  • Writers label their diagrams to teach even more information


Readers Workshop

Night and Day big book and culmination project

Quarter 3  roll up your sleaves–we are investigating bigger books, bigger reading muscles!

Mini lessons:

  • Tackling more challenging books
  • Readers use patterns to help them read every page
  • Readers figure out the changing words in a pattern
  • Readers check their reading
  • Readers use all of their strategies to read books


Sight words we are working on in the classroom:

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, white, black, brown, help, we, are, I, like, me, my, play, the, you, is, yes, no, can, he, has, one, or, it, at, this, see, to, by, in, will, for, here, up, be,  said, and, go, big,  come

  • Onset and rime


We will be studying this quarter addition and subtraction within 5.  Some concepts we will be on this quarter include:

  • Understand addition as putting together and adding to, and understand subtraction is taking apart and taking from.
  • Students will model simple joining and separating situations with sets of objects.
  • Demonstrate the understanding of how objects can be joined (addition) and separated (subtraction) by representing addition and subtraction situations in various ways
  • Solve problems presented in a story format using objects or drawings to determine the solution.
  • Understand that a set of (5) objects can be decomposed-broken into two sets (3 and 2) or (4 and 1) and still be the same total amount (5)
  • Count to 100 by 1’s and 10’s

Social Studies

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Last few day

Tomorrow and Wednesday are early release days!

On Wednesday, wear your p.j.’s and come prepared to enjoy some winter wonderland hot chocolate!  You may wear slippers, just bring p.e. shoes!


Lunch time is 10:14

Enjoy your holiday break with your families!  Feeling so blessed and thankful for your children and for you!


Here is the grit casserole from Mrs. Englund: