Skeletal System

Skeletal  System Organ Primary Function
Bones Main organ of the skeletal system
Joint Where 2 bones meet
Ligament Hold joints together; tissue that connects bones to bones
marrow Makes red blood cells
Cartilage Found in the nose & ear


Function of the system: supports, protects, stores minerals, & makes red blood cells

Interaction with other systems: 1. Muscular system-movement 2. Circulatory- makes red blood cells

Common pathologies: broken bones, cancer, osteoporosis, dislocation, torn ligaments

Maintaining wellness: exercise, vitamins

How many bones are found in the human body? Adult    206    Infant more than 300

Nervous System

Nervous System Organ Primary Function
Central NS The brain & spinal cord
Peripheral NS All the nerves other than brain & spinal cord
Neuron Nerve cell that is specialized to receive & conduct electrical impulses
Brain Control center of nervous system
Spinal cord Neurons that pass impulses to & from brain
Nerves-axon Collection of axons bundled together with blood vessels & connective tissue
Somatic NS Neurons under your control
Autonomic NS Controls functions you don’t think about(digestion & heart rate)
Motor neuron Tell your body to move
Sensory neuron Gather info about what is happening in & around your body


Function of the system: controls almost everything you do

Interaction with other systems: 1. Tells heart (circulatory system) what to do

  1. Works with skeletal system to protect the spinal cord

Common pathologies: brain cancer, seizures, strokes, concussion, meningitis, Alzheimer’s, dementia

Maintaining wellness: exercise, stay away from recreational drugs