Classroom lessons in October are focusing on listening and following directions skills for the K-2nd graders.  We will also be talking about making healthy choices to take care of our bodies.

The counselors have been working hard on our Red Ribbon activities which will happen the week of October 23-27. Flyers will be coming home the week of conferences.  Please join us in choosing to celebrate a healthy/drug free life on the following dates by dressing up:

Monday- October 23-  Real Heroes Don't Do Drugs- wear super hero clothes

Tuesday- October 24- Turn Your Back on Drugs- wear clothing backwards or inside out - parents are invited to help out by sending in a red/pink treat to celebrate Red Ribbon Week

Wednesday- October 25- Follow Your Dreams- Don't Do Drugs- wear school appropriate pajamas

Thursday- October 26- Red-y To Live a Drug Free Life- wear red clothing

Friday- My Future is Bright Drug Free- wear college clothing or dress up as a future career

The Clarkdale Elementary Beta and National Elementary Honor Society clubs are beginning their Clarkdale Serves project. We work in partnership with Pastor Vest from Powder Springs First United Methodist Church. This leadership group needs your help to get feedback on what type of project would best help our community. If you are interested in giving your feedback, please take a moment to complete this quick survey.


Class  lessons have centered on learning skills to assist students to start their year strong!  We will  be taking the CoGat and ITBS this month. In addition to testing, the counselors will be doing a mass screening for hearing and vision for all 1st and 4th graders.  Please remember to check the holiday link if you are interested in getting holiday assistance. Now is the time to register!

Welcome back to another new year! We are so excited to be Cooking Up School Success! Mrs. Arnold (3-4-5th grade counselor) and I are busy starting safety patrol with our 3-5th graders. Applications  are due no later than Wednesday, August 9.

We are once again lucky enough to partner with Due West United Methodist Church  for a weekend food distribution program. If you are interested in our project backpack weekend food program,  come by the counselor area and request a form to complete.  We must have completed forms with parent signatures to submit names for this program. The Friday bags will begin in a few weeks for those students who are approved to participate.

I am meeting with all of my kindergarten through second grade students over the next few weeks to remind them about my job as a counselor and how I can help them be successful. Your students should be sharing the counseling program information booklet with you after my class lessons.