August 5

Persuasive Letter Assignment – Due 8/7 or 8/8

Write me a letter of introduction, but not an ordinary letter of introduction. Instead, I want you to PRETEND that there are a limited number of seats in this classroom, and that I will be choosing who gets to stay and take the class, based on the letters I receive. In order to be one of the chosen few, you will have to convince me why you should be selected.

  • Are you the world’s greatest English student?
  • Not so great at English but a hard worker? One who never gives up?
  • Are you fun to have around, witty and charming?
  • Will you offer something else that will make me glad you’re in my class?

Be persuasive and help me get to know the real you a little better. (And have fun with it!!)


  • Letter should be typed, preferably double-spaced in standard MLA font & margins.
  • Letter should include an MLA header in the TOP LEFT corner of the page with the following info:
    • Student Name
    • Instructor Name
    • Class & Block
    • Due Date
  • Letter should include the following information:
    • Introduction (My name is…)
    • Claim (I should be in your class because…)
    • Reason (…I am the best writer who has ever lived.)
    • Evidence (See my grades from 8th grade for proof, etc)
    • Conclusion (Thank you for your time…)