February 7

Spring Semester Senior Project UPDATE!

We are rolling along well into our Senior Project for the Spring Semester.  By now, all students should have turned in the following items:

  1. Signed Consequences Form
  2. Signed Mentor Agreement Form
  3. Completed Resume with Rubric
  4. Completed Proposal including 2 teacher signatures

We are hard at work on our Research Paper which is due on March 6th.  Check out  http://www.wheelerlibrary.com to find all the info you need to complete this project.


October 30

Senior Project Portfolios & Presentations

Please make sure that you check all requirements for both the Portfolios (Due November 2nd) and the Presentations (Due November 16th).  You can find these and all other requirements at www.wheelerlibrary.com.

The presentation outlining requirements for the Presentation was given to all students today.

If you have not turned in one or more items for your Senior Project, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PRESENT.  This can heavily affect your grade in my class.  Senior Project is a mandatory 25% of your grade in 12th grade literature.  Everyone wants you to do well on this project and learn something from the experience, but YOU are responsible for the work.

October 11

Othello Unit Plan

We have begun reading and analyzing William Shakespeare’s great tragedy, Othello.  I will upload documents and study guides here as they are handed out and update dates for Act Quizlets and final Unit Assessments.

For more information on Shakespeare and his plays, I highly recommend anything by The Folger Shakespeare Library and No Fear Shakespeare: Othello.

On-Level students will be using Penguin’s Readers Theatre version of Othello with supplemental information from the original text.  Honors students will be reading the original text.  All texts will be provided for students.

After reading each Act, we will review, take a short quiz for comprehension and watch the Act from the film version starring Lawrence Fishburne and Kenneth Brannagh.  Students will also watch the PBS program Shakespeare Uncovered on Othello, featuring actor David Harewood, the first black actor to play Othello at the National Theater in London.

Throughout the unit, students will explore elements and themes in the play and how they relate to modern life including, but not limited to, race, class, gender, love, jealousy, manipulation, and trust.  Assessments and student activities exploring these elements will be given throughout the unit.

September 14

Senior Project Due Dates!!

Students & Parents…

Please be sure to abide by all deadlines concerning Senior Project.  Failure to do so will result in late penalties.

Next Deadline: Monday, September 18th – Proposal Edits Turn-In Date

Future Deadlines: October 4 – Proposal Final Turn-In

October 12 – Research Papers Due to www.turnitin.com

October 26 – Letter to Judges Turn-In

October 31 – Mentor Evaluation (faxed to school)

November 2 – Portfolio

November 16 – Senior Project Night