APHG Unit 7 Dec. 3-18


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Thursday Dec. 3

1. Unit 7 Plan

2. Lecture: Central Place Theory

3. Web Activity: Cobb County and Central Place Theory

4. Rank Size Rule for STATE


6. Unit 7 Voc, extra credit for Voc. create a visual vocabulary for Unit 7 due day of quiz Tuesday  Dec 8

7. Complete Web Activity: Central Place Theory and Cobb County

8. SLO Prep Barron’s AP Guide, Here is a handout to help you study for the SLO

9. Don’t forget to work on STATE portfolio


Friday Dec. 4

1. Turn in Cob Co./Central Place Web Activity

2. STATE Group: Cities (Best vs. Worst)

3. Group Discussion: What is a city? What makes a good city? Bad city?

4. Group Completion: Rank Size Rule for STATE

5. STATE Phase VIII (FRQ): Elements for city models and Things to consider

6. STATE Phase VIII (FRQ) Urban Design Rough Draft


7. Forbes Top 15 Most Livable Cities, look up read and print out

8. Unit 7 Voc, don’t forget extra credit

9. SLO Prep with Barron’s Book and study guide

10. Urban Design Rough Draft

11. STATE Portfolio


Monday Dec. 7

1. Best/Worst livable cities

2. FRQ- Urban design


3.Unit 7 voc quiz tomorrow, visual vocabulary due tomorrow

4. STATE Portfolio

5. SLO prep use Barron’s book and study guide



Tuesday Dec. 8

1. Unit 7 Voc Quiz, Visual Voc. due

2. FRQ- Urban design


3.STATE Portfolios

4.Observe Latin American, Asian, African and European City Models-

slides 104-109

5. Observe Peripheral and Suburban Model-

read Rubenstein Pp. 452-458

6. SLO prep Barron’s book and study guide


Wednesday Dec. 10


2. FRQ -Urban Design


3.Case Study: Inner City Crimes and Guns


4. State Portfolio

Thursday Dec. 11

1. FRQ on Urban Design due

2. Discussion of City Models

3.STATE Rds 7 and 8

4.Ghettoization vs. Gentrification

5. Peripheral and Suburban models

6.Problems of North American Cities

7. What urban model does your city represent?


8. Urban Model Presentation Prep

9.STATE VIII Problems with Urban Models

10. STATE Portfolio

Friday Dec. 12

1. Present Urban Models

2. Boomburb/Suburban Analysis


3. Urban Model Prep

4. STATE Portfolio

5. Unit 7 Test prep

Monday Dec. 14   Mrs. Clifton’s Birthday- I am bringing you a breakfast treat!




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