Hon. Econ. week of August 1-5


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Syllabus Honors Gov-Econ Syllabus F2016

Monday August 1

Learning Goal: Become familiar with Economics definition.

1.Sign TRSS forms

2.Students fill out information forms

3.Defining economics activity

4.Discuss words and phrases

5. Life Map Activity-

You will create a life map illustrating the positive and negative incentives that led you to make important choices during your high school years. The map must include at least three academic choices, three work/community/extracurricular choices, three savings/investing choices, and three family-related choices. The maps will show with words and pictures how incentive led to each choice. You will share your life maps with the class or in small groups and reflect orally on the impact of these choices on your lives.


Respond to the following questions:

Drawing on your new knowledge of the definition of economics and our class discussion, answer the following questions for homework:

  • 1. Name four things you know about economics.
  • 2. How does economics relate to your life? How does it affect your family?
  • 3. What role do you play in the economy? What role does your family play?
  • 4. How does the economy affect your neighborhood?

7. Summary Time


Tuesday August 2

LG: Explain why limited productive resources and unlimited wants result in scarcity, opportunity costs, and tradeoffs for individuals, businesses, and governments.

´1. Collect syllabus/TRSS forms

´2. Discuss def. of capitalism vs. democracy

´3. Power point notes and video clips: Basic Economic Reasoning

4. Scarcity activity

5. Summary Time


Wednesday August 3

LG: Compare and contrast different economic systems and explain how they answer the three basic economic questions of what to produce, how to produce, and for whom to produce.

  1. Collect syllabus
  2. Book room
  3. Review key concepts- Production Resources and Resource Allocation
  4. Four Corners Activity- Opportunity Costs
  5. PowerPoint notes : Economic Systems
  6. Summary Time


Thursday August 4

LG: Describe the roles of government in a market economy.

  1. Quiz Standard 1
  2. Power point notes and video clips: Economic systems
  3. Video w/ questions ( Is America #1)
  4. Summary Time


Friday August 5

LG: To be able to use economic models like production possibilities curves, marginal cost/marginal benefit tables, and production graphs to identify trade-offs, opportunity cost, and rational decision making criteria.

1.Reading Quiz Ch. 1 and 2 Tuesday

2.PowerPoint notes/videos on production possibilities https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwPiWz1a1Tw

3.Production possibilities activities

4. Summary Time


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