French I Week of December 12-16, 19-21


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LG: Review and practice use of de, de la, du, de l’, des, a, au a la, aux and a l’.

  1. Review concepts of de and a. pp. 98-99, 85
  2. handout  for practice
  3. Possessive adjective review workbook pp. 68-69


LG: Practice ordering food.

  1. Menu with sentence practice
  2. Roman Photo pp. 128-129 text book, complete pp. 101-102 workbook
  3. Workbook practice pp. 97-98


LG: Practice listening skills.

  1. pp. 103 workbook sections 1-3
  2. view flash culture video, complete sections 4-5 as you view pp. 103-104
  3. Complete pp. 104 section 6 after video


LG: Practice conjugating verbs prendre and boire and using partitives.

  1. pp. 105-106 workbook sections 1-4
  2. Complete audio activities pp. 107 workbook
  3. check for understanding


LG: View and listen to concepts about French food.

  1. View video about French food


LG: Prepare for final exam.

  1. review with handout
  2. complete video


LG: Show understanding of beginning French.

  1. Final Exam

Hon Econ Week of Dec. 12-16, 19-21


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LG: Learn about political parties.

1st half of class in Media Center

  1. Take a political party issues quiz
  2. Read article about political parties
  3. For each party listed in the article write out 6 facts
  4. Handout Liberals vs. Conservatives
  5. Ch. 16 notes


LG: Learn about elections and voting.

  1. Complete ch. 16 notes
  2. Ch. 17 notes on elections and voting


LG: Learn about Interest Groups, Public Opinion and Mass Media

  1. Notes on Ch. 18
  2. Notes Ch. 19


LG: Review  participating in government ideas.

  1. Review for test
  2. complete vocabulary


LG: Demonstrate understanding of participating in government.

  1. Turn in vocabulary
  2. Test Unit 4


LG: Review for final exam.

  1. Work on study guide and review vocabulary

Tuesday and Wednesday

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of government.

  1. 1st period  final exam Tuesday
  2. 3rd period final exam Wednesday

French I week of December 5-9


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* food projects and paragraphs due Thursday and Friday*



LG: Review the conjugation and practice conjugating verbs.

  1. review “aller”, and complete the worksheet
  2. check work for understanding
  3. complete from memory handout chart for the verbs- comprendre, prendre, apprendre, and boire
  4. “prendre” practice sheet


LG: Communicate with each other about food and drink.

  1. Check”prendre” handout
  2. Communication activities pp. 133 sections 4 and 5
  3. Create a skit, section 6 pp. 133, to present to class



LG: Communicate skits in French to classmates, and review previous concepts.

  1. Present skits to class
  2. Le Cahier p. 94 Section 2, p. 95 Section 3
  3. Check exercises for understanding


Thursday and Friday

LG: Communicate with classmates, while learning about French food and culture.

  1. Share recipes and food samples with classmates.
  2. Turn in final draft of paragraph and the recipe for your chosen dish.


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