French II Week of January 11-13,16-20


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Wednesday Jan. 11

LG: Review question forms, colors, and numbers 0-300.

  1. Review question forms from Friday.
  2. Review colors
  3. Review numbers 0-300
  4. Practice using numbers 0-300

Thursday Jan. 12

LG: Review telling time.

  1. Review Numbers 0-300+
  2. Review telling time
  3. Telling time practice activities

Friday Jan. 13

LG: Review French words for class room objects and courses.

  1. Review words for different classroom objects
  2. Practice using French words for classroom objects
  3. Review words for different courses in French
  4. Practice writing and talking about your courses in French

Monday Jan. 16

MLK Jr. Holiday- Enjoy


Tuesday Jan. 17

LG: Learn about the geography of France.

  1. Talk with a partner about your class schedule, ask about the ease or difficulty of classes
  2. Learn the mountains, rivers, and capital of France
  3. Complete geography activity

Wednesday Jan. 18

LG: Learn about how to talk about the weather.

  1. Discuss how to talk about the weather.
  2. Tie weather to different regions in France
  3. Practice talking and writing about the weather.

Thursday Jan. 19

LG: Learn and review adjectives.

  1. practice telling time, with a new partner
  2. talk about today’s weather
  3. review adjectives from French I
  4. learn new adjectives

Friday Jan. 20

LG: To review “er ” verbs and the conjugations.

  1. Practice using adjectives by describing three classroom objects with a partner
  2. talk about today’s weather
  3. “er” verb review and practice
  4. tell time with a new partner

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