French II Week of January 23-27


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**There is an opportunity to join with another group to travel abroad this summer. There are six spots still available. The trip is to London, Paris, and Barcelona. 

London, Paris and Barcelona

Tour Number: 1809951TV
Group Leader: Carol Burrows
Requested Departure Date: 6/26/2017
Requested Return Date: 7/5/2017
Requested Departure Gateway: ATL
10 days
England, France, Spain



Monday Jan. 23

LG: Geography of France, and review of the verb etre.

  1. Check “er” verb practice sheet from Friday
  2. Complete political boundaries map of France, label and color each country a different color
  3. View region of France video
  4. review the verb etre

Tuesday Jan. 24

LG:  Geography of France, and “ir” verbs.

  1. Talk with a partner about the weather
  2. Complete regions of France map, label and color each region a different color
  3. work on “ir” verbs pp. 134 in text

Wednesday Jan. 25

LG:  Geography of France, and “ir” verbs.

  1. Practice time with a partner
  2. Label bodes of water, continents, color and label all le monde francophone  on the world map
  3. Work on “ir” verbs pp 180 in text
  4. practice using “ir” verbs
  5. Create number flashcards

Thursday Jan. 26

LG: Geography of France, and begin working on vocabulary for “les loisirs culturels”.

  1. quiz each other over numbers 150-200
  2. Label francophone countries of the globe, color in all areas
  3. work on creating vocabulary cards for les loisirs culturels

Friday Jan. 27

LG: Learn about the solar system in French

  1. quiz over telling time
  2. continue to work on vocabulary cards
  3. create a map of solar system and label in French

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