Honors World History Week of August 21-25


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 Lunar Eclipse Day!  Monday August 21

If you miss class today, you will need to make up the essay portion of your Ancient Civilization Test. Make up days are Wednesday morning at 7:15, or Thursday after school. It will have to be made up this week or you will receive a O for this portion of the test. The make up schedule with room numbers is located in the hall next to my door, or see me if you have any questions.


LG: Show understanding of concepts from ancient history.

  1. Essay portion of ancient history test
  2. begin Athenian vs. Spartan body biography projects


LG: Learn about Spartan and Athenian cultures through independent research.

  1. Complete Athenian and Spartan body biographies
  2. work on map of ancient Greece


LG: Learn about Sparta and Greece cultures.

  1. Share body biographies
  2. finish map of Greece
  3. Video “Greece: a moment of excellence”

Thursday      Open House tonight!

LG:Learn about Sparta and Greece cultures.

  1. Fill in Comparison and Contrast chart for Athens and Sparta and notes
  2. Notes on the Persian War and the Peloponnesian War
  3. Read article “Rivals” and answer questions


LG: Learn about Sparta and Greece cultures.

  1. Reading Quiz ch. 5
  2. Video “Greece: a moment of excellence”
  3. Complete Greece map
  4. Alexander the Great Empire Map

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