Honors World History Week of August 28-September 5


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Monday August 28

LG: Understand the Persian and Peloponnesian War.

  1. Complete notes on the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars
  2. Begin map of the Empire of Alexander the Great

Tuesday August 29

LG: Learn about some of Plato’s famous works, and learn about the Punic Wars.

  1. read primary sources in packets and answer all questions marked.
  2. Complete Alexander the Great Map
  3. Look at and take notes on the Punic Wars

Wednesday August 30  *bring your text book*

LG:  Learn about the Punic Wars, and look at the Roman Republic

  1. Reading quiz corrections using text book
  2. Begin Roman Daily Life questions and reading

Thursday August 31

LG:  Learn about the Punic Wars, and look at the Roman Republic.

  1. Complete Roman Daily Life
  2. Take notes on the Roman Republic
  3. Read about the decline of the Roman republic

Friday September 1

LG: Compare and contrast the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire.

  1. Compare and contrast activity
  2. View Rome: the Ultimate Empire

Monday Sept. 4 Labor Day

Tuesday Sept. 5

LG: Learn about the Roman Empire.

  1. Quiz on CH. 6
  2. Complete map on the Roman Empire
  3. complete film if needed
  4. Look at the men who followed after Caesar



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