Honors World History Weeks of Oct.19-20, 23-27, 30-Nov. 1


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Review help, remember to study your notes! From discovery of New World to Napoleon, and revolutions in Mexico, Haiti and Brazil as well as U.S. and France!

Renaissance Trivia-21oh8re – Scientific Rev. at end of this ppt.

Absolutism Trivia-v9r4am

French Revolution review power point-1rhn164

French Revolution Trivia-1bkcj0z


Thursday Oct. 19

LG: Learn about the Explorers to the New World.

  1. Notes on explorers and their discoveries.
  2. Look at and discuss the Exploration and Discovery Timeline
  3. Read about Christopher Columbus’s Life and complete the “Was Christopher Columbus a Successor Failure?” Activity
  4. Read “The Great Disease Migration”  and answer questions

Friday Oct. 20

LG: Have a greater understanding of the New World and how much it cost to get there.

  1. Complete world map to show Slade Trade
  2. Read about “Life at Sea: Sores, Scabs, and Scurvy” and answer the questions
  3. View Guns, Germs and Steel pt. 2 and answer questions

Monday Oct. 23   Bring Textbook today!

LG: Learn about the Scientific Revolution and the French Revolution

  1. Quiz Incantation Section 3
  2. Take notes on Scientific Revolution, then use book to complete the chart on the scientists.
  3. Take notes on the French Revolution( Old Regime) and Phase 2
  4. Watch the beginning of the History Channel: The French Revolution, answer questions as you watch

Tuesday Oct. 24

LG: Learn about the French Revolution and the rise of Napoleon.

  1. Notes on Phase 3 of French Revolution
  2. The French Revolution Timeline
  3. Notes on the rise of Napoleon
  4. Complete the History Channel: The French Revolution, answer questions as you watch

Wednesday Oct. 25   Bring Textbook today!

LG: Look at and compare various revolutions around the world.

  1. Complete a revolutions comparison chart.
  2. Compare and contrast the French Rev. to the American Rev.

Thursday Oct. 26  Bring Textbook today!

LG:Learn about Absolutism.

  1. Notes on Absolutism
  2. Use textbook to complete “Philosophers of the Enlightenment activity

Friday Oct. 27  Bring Textbook today!

LG: .

  1. Quiz Incantation Section 4
  2. Complete notes on Absolutism
  3. Read ” The Ideology of Absolutism: Divine Right of Kings” and answer questions

Monday Oct. 30 Bring Textbook today!

LG: Review material for unit test.

  1. Create Tudors and Stuarts and Hanoverians Family Tree
  2. “Interpreting a Historical Family Tree: Tudors and Stuarts and Hanoverians” activity
  3. Review and wrap of unit 5

Tuesday Oct. 31    Happy Halloween!  Bring Textbook if you need to complete any book questions.

LG: Understand and demonstrate knowledge of the Columbian Exchange and how it opened up food options around the world.

  1. Come to class with a recipe from one of the countries we have studied this semester. The recipe needs to have all the ingredients  labeled Old World or New World and what country the item originated in. For bonus points, prepare the recipe at home and bring enough for the whole class to have a taste of your recipe. Be sure to bring something to serve with and put your recipe on (plate, Dixie cup, etc.), as well as utensils to eat it with.
  2. Review and wrap of unit 5

Wednesday Nov. 1

LG: Demonstrate your knowledge of Unit 5 material.

  1. Turn in your packet.
  2. Test Unit 5

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