Honors World History Weeks of Nov. 16-17 and Nov. 27-Dec. 1


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**Study help WWI World War I Trivia-1dy68k7

Thursday Nov. 16 

LG: Learn about the conditions that lead up to WWI.

  1. Murder Mystery: Who killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand? role paly
  2. Notes on the beginning of WWI
  3. Video The Great War

Friday Nov. 17

LG: Learn about the underlying causes of WWI.

  1. Power point :underlying causes of WWI
  2. Read about the Schlieffen Plan
  3. WWI propaganda activity

Monday Nov. 27

LG:Learn about the turning point in WWI.

  1. Notes on the turning point
  2. Answer questions on the opposing sides
  3. WWI Battles
  4. Zimmerman Telegram questions for Homework

Tuesday Nov. 28

LG: Learn about the end of WWI and its after effects.

  1. Notes on end of WWI and a flawed peace
  2. WWI: Over the top article and questions
  3. begin IDM on the Treaty of Versailles

Wednesday Nov. 29

LG: What happened between WWI and WWII?

  1. Between the wars ppt.
  2. Complete IDM on the Treaty of Versailles
  3. WWI Peace Settlements for Homework

Thursday Nov. 30  You need your textbook!

LG: Learn about Postwar uncertainty and pre WWII.

  1. Postwar Uncertainty: Science and Art
  2. Setting the Stage for WWII

Friday Dec. 1

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of WWI.

  1. Turn in WWI packet
  2. WWI assessment
  3. Begin notes on WWII if time

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