Hon. Econ. Unit 5 Dec. 1-Dec. 7


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Continue preparation on your own for EOC on Dec. 6-7 by logging in to USATest Prep and Joining your class. Assignments are required, and they will count as grades.




Another great practice site for Econ EOC:


Friday Dec. 1

LG: Apply rational decision making to personal spending and saving choices.

1.     Touchstone Quiz on Fundamentals

2. positive and negative incentives discussion and activity

3.     Use rational decision making model to select one option over another activity

4.     Compare services offered by different financial institutions notes Financial Institutions Chart-15qbbzc

5.     Explain reasons for the spread between interest charged and interest earned.

6.     Examples of the direct relationship between risk and return.

7.     Evaluate a variety of savings and investment options; include stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Monday Dec. 4

LG: Explain that banks and other financial institutions are businesses that channel funds from savers to investors.

1.   Compare services offered by different financial institutions notes

2.   Examples of who benefits and who loses from inflation.

3.     Define progressive, regressive, and proportional taxes.

4.     Explain how an increase in sales tax affects different income groups.

5.     List factors that affect credit worthiness.

6.     Show credit reports sites and examples

7.     Compare interest rates on loans and credit cards from different institutions.


Tuesday Dec. 5

LG: Describe how insurance and other risk-management strategies protect against financial loss and how the earnings of workers are determined in the marketplace.


1.     Explain the difference between simple and compound interest rates

2.     List various types of insurance such as automobile, health, life, disability, and property. Insurance Activity-2l7tdes  ***Explain the costs and benefits associated with different types of insurance; include deductibles, premiums, shared liability, and asset protection.

4.     Identify skills that are required to be successful in the workplace.

5.     Explain the significance of investment in education, training, and skill development.

6.     Discuss what makes people successful and what people need in order to be successful


Wednesday Dec.6

LG: Demonstrate understanding of Econ. Concepts.

1.    Econ EOC


Thursday Dec.7

LG: Demonstrate understanding of Econ. Concepts.

1.    Econ EOC







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