Hon. Econ. Unit 3 Macro Feb. 7-16, 26-27


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Wednesday Feb. 7

LG: To learn about unemployment.

  1. Role play activity for unemployment

Thursday Feb. 8

LG: To learn about unemployment.

  1. present unemployment skits
  2. Notes on unemployment

Friday Feb. 9

LG: Learn about GDP and inflation.

  1. Quiz unemployment
  2. Quiz Naked Economics Ch. 6
  3. Notes on GD
  4. GDP practice
  5. notes on inflation
  6. practice inflation and GDP problems

Monday Feb. 12

LG: Learn about CPI .

  1. Quiz GDP
  2. Notes and activity on CPI

Tuesday Feb. 13

LG: Learn about the business cycle.

  1. Quiz inflation and the Business cycle
  2. Business cycle notes and activity

Wednesday Feb. 14

LG: Learn about The Federal Reserve and the Monetary Policy, taxes and the fiscal policy of government.

  1. Notes Fed. Reserve and Monetary Policy FEDERAL RESERVE MONETARY POLICY Spring 2015-1sj3xy6

Thursday Feb. 15

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of Macro economics

  1. Quiz  Federal Reserve and Monetary policy
  2. notes fiscal policy and taxes TAXES AND FISCAL POLICY Spring 2015-2jjdxxr

Friday Feb. 16  ** BRING TEXTBOOKS**

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of Macro economics.

  1. Quiz Fiscal Policy
  2. create “Interview a Tax” skits
  3. problem set
  4. complete vocabulary

Monday Feb. 26

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of Macro economics.

  1. Check problem set
  2. Touchstones Macro Economics Quiz
  3. Present “Interview a Tax” skits

Tuesday Feb. 27

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of Macro economics.

  1. Turn in vocabulary and Problem sets
  2. Macroeconomics Assessment
  3. Vocabulary International Economics

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