Honors World History Week of Feb. 12-16


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Monday Feb. 12

LG: Learn about the Constantinople.

  1. Constantinople Monument Projects
  2. Present projects and take notes on graphic organizer

Tuesday Feb. 13 ** Bring Text Book Today**

LG: Learn about the Byzantine Empire.

  1. Notes on the Byzantine Empire
  2. Timeline of Byz. Empire activity
  3. Byzantine Empire Map

Wednesday Feb. 14

LG: Learn about how Russia developed.

  1. Notes on early Russia.
  2. Complete Rulers of Russia Organization chart
  3. Complete Byzantine Empire map if needed

Thursday Feb. 15 ** Bring Text Book Today**

LG: Learn about the Mongols and their rise to power.

  1. View documentary “The Barbarians: The Mongols” and answer questions
  2. Complete map of the Mongols
  3. Exploring stereotypes in Aladdin

Friday Feb. 16 ** Bring Text Book Today**

LG: To learn about what was happening all around the world at the same time that Rome was building its empire.

  1. “Meanwhile Around the World …” packet

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