Honors World History Week of Feb. 12-16, 26-Mar. 2


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Monday Feb. 12

LG: Learn about the Constantinople.

  1. Constantinople Monument Projects
  2. Present projects and take notes on graphic organizer

Tuesday Feb. 13 ** Bring Text Book Today**

LG: Learn about the Byzantine Empire.

  1. Notes on the Byzantine Empire
  2. Timeline of Byz. Empire activity
  3. Byzantine Empire Map

Wednesday Feb. 14

LG: Learn about how Russia developed.

  1. Notes on early Russia.
  2. Complete Rulers of Russia Organization chart
  3. Complete Byzantine Empire map if needed

Thursday Feb. 15 ** Bring Text Book Today**

LG: Learn about the Mongols and their rise to power.

  1. View documentary “The Barbarians: The Mongols” and answer questions
  2. Complete map of the Mongols
  3. Exploring stereotypes in Aladdin

Friday Feb. 16 ** Bring Text Book Today**

LG: To learn about what was happening all around the world at the same time that Rome was building its empire.

  1. “Meanwhile Around the World …” packet

Monday Feb. 26

LG: Learn about Islam.

  1. Web Quest about Islam Guide to Islam Webquest-2ffuvb2
  2. Five Pillars of Islam activity

Tuesday Feb. 27

LG: Learn about Islam.

  1. Islamic Cultural Achievements activity
  2. Islam notes
  3. Haj video

Wednesday Feb. 28

LG: Learn about Islam.  Bring Text Book

  1. Comparing Islamic Empires Chart
  2. Comparing Islam, Judaism, and Christianity chart
  3. Quotations from the Holy Books activity
  4. Western Religions sheet

Thursday March 1

LG: Learn about Islam.

  1. Review for test over Byzantine, Russian and Islamic Empires.
  2. Complete packets as needed

Friday March 2 

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of the Byzantine, Russian and Islamic Empires.

  1. Turn in study guide for bonus points,
  2. Turn in unit packets
  3. Test- Byzantine, Russian and Islamic Empires.

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