Hon. World History Weeks of Mar. 5-9,12-16,19-23,26 (unit 4)


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Unit 4 European & Asian Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation ( Georgia Standards of Excellence Social Studies 7,9,11) Ch. 13,14,17,19, and sect. 4 of Ch. 12

Quiz yourself and study for Test Unit 4 with these Trivia Power Points: Middle Ages Trivia-1cb7awx and Renaissance Trivia-21nrobg

Read Incantation, out of class reading book. First quiz March 15 over Part 1

Quizzes and Test Dates for Unit 4

  1. Quiz Africa Early Kingdoms March 7
  2. Quiz Mesoamerican Cultures March 8
  3. Quiz Feudalism/Manorialism March 13
  4. Incantation pt. I March 15
  5. Biographies Quiz
  6. Incantation pt. II March 22
  7. Unit 4 Assessment March 23

Monday March 5  Bring Text Book

LG: Learn about the early kingdoms of Africa.

  1. Notes on early kingdoms
  2. Read about Mansa Musa’s Hajj
  3. Complete Map of Early African Societies and chart

Tuesday March 6

LG: Learn about the development of Mesoamerican Cultures.

  1. Notes on Mesoamerican cultures
  2. Web quest on Aztec, Maya, and Incan cultures Aztec Maya Inca Webquest-23soraj

Wednesday March 7

LG: Learn about the beginning of the Middle Ages- Charlemagne and the Feudal System.

  1. Quiz Africa early kingdoms
  2. Video the Dark Ages with Questions

Thursday March 8

LG: Learn about the beginning of the Middle Ages- Charlemagne and the Feudal System.

  1. Quiz Mesoamerican cultures
  2. Dark Ages video and questions

Friday March 9

LG: Learn about the beginning of the Middle Ages- Charlemagne and the Feudal System.

  1. Notes on Charlemagne
  2. Reading about Charlemagne and organizer chart to fill out
  3. Feudalism Simulation
  4. Feudalism and Manorialism  notes
  5. Feudal Pyramid questions

Monday March 12

LG: Learn about feudalism in Asia, the power of the church, and the Crusades.

  1. Notes on castles and knighthood
  2. Discuss Japan’s Feudalism, after reading article “The Four-Tiered System of Feudal Japan”
  3. Notes on the power of the church
  4. Crusades notes

Tuesday March 13 **Bring Text Book**

LG: The Crusades of Medieval Europe.

  1. Before Crusades and After crusades notes in packet
  2. Post Crusades hand out
  3. Bubonic Plague clip
  4. Get in groups and begin planning Medieval House of Horrors Projects

Wednesday March 14

LG: Research the Medieval topic your group is assigned.

  1. Discuss notes on the 100 Years War
  2. research, plan and complete for your medieval project

Thursday March 15

LG: Learn all about the excitement and horror of the medieval times through the class presentations.

  1. Medieval House of Horrors presentations.
  2. Quiz Feudalism/Manorialism
  3. High Middle Ages notes
  4. Medieval Timeline

Friday March 16

LG: Learn about the Renaissance of Europe.

  1. Quiz Incantation pt 1
  2. Read Politics in Europe handout and
  3. Discuss notes on the 100 Years War
  4. Decline of Feudalism Graphic Organizer
  5. The European Renaissance notes
  6. Biographies Activity

Monday March 19 

LG: Learn about the protestant reformation.

  1. Complete notes on Protestant Reformation
  2. Renaissance Art chart and notes 

Tuesday March 20****Bring your textbook****

LG: Learn about the Counter Reformation.

  1. Notes on the counter reformation
  2. read in your text book and answer questions about the Qing and Ming Dynasties in China Ch. 19, Sect. 2 pp. 536-541, answer questions #1-8 on p. 541; and the Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan Ch. 19 Sect. 3 pp. 542-547, answer questions #1-8 on p. 547
  3. Renaissance/Reformation Map

Wednesday March 21

LG: To reflect on the differences between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

  1. Biographies Quiz
  2. Timeline on Renaissance Era
  3. Middle Ages vs. Renaissance Chart and Questions
  4. Meeting at Runnymede article and questions
  5. Wars pre printed notes

Thursday March 22

LG: Prepare for test on Middle ages, the Renaissance and Reformation.

  1. Incantation Part 2 Quiz
  2. Read an excerpt from The Prince and analyze the text by answering the questions
  3. Complete any work needed
  4. Review for test on tomorrow

Friday March 23

LG: Demonstrate your knowledge of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Reformation.

  1. Test on the Middle Ages Part 1

Monday March 26

LG; Demonstrate knowledge of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation.

  1. Turn in unit packet
  2. Renaissance and the Reformation Test Part 2


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