Honors World History WWII Unit Plans May 9-16


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Wednesday May 9

LG: Set the stage for WWII.

  1. Notes on setting the stage
  2. Notes on totalitarianism/fascism
  3. Path to WWII notes
  4. Read Hitler Coming to Power
  5. Munich Appeasement activity
  6. Faces of Totalitarianism Worksheet

Thursday May 10

LG: Discuss Hitler and how to stop him.

  1. Notes on Hitler
  2. Notes on Axis Aggression
  3. WWII Map activity
  4. London Goes to War article and questions

Friday May 11

LG: Axis powers and allied advances.

  1. Axis powers on attack and allied advance notes
  2. Pearl Harbor and 911 speeches Comparison
  3. WWII U.S. Japanese Internment camps Primary Source analysis activity

Monday May 14

LG: End of war information.

  1. Complete Japanese Internment Activity
  2. End of war notes and aftermath notes
  3. Video clip- Why we fight Nazis
  4. Holocaust notes
  5. Case Study: Dropping the Bomb Activity

Tuesday May 15

LG: Wrap up WWII unit information.

  1. Complete any activities.
  2. Review for test

Wednesday May 16

  1. Turn in packets
  2. Test Unit 8 WWII


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