Hon. Econ. Unit 3 Macro Sept. 3-7, 10-14, 17-21


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(Social-Studies-Economics-Georgia-Standards-1kygv50Honors Gov-Econ Syllabus S2018-1hmwk9f)

Social Studies Tutoring Schedule – Harrison-16fmte8

 Help to study for the EOC Economics_Study_Guide_7.7.17-1oxacku


Monday Sept. 3 Labor Day Holiday

Tuesday Sept. 4

LG: To learn about unemployment.

  1. Read “Making Sense  of Unemployment Data” and answer questions
  2. Role play activity for unemployment

Wednesday Sept. 5 

LG: To learn about unemployment.

  1. present unemployment skits
  2. Notes on unemployment

Thursday Sept.6

LG: Learn about GDP .

  1. Counseling Session 1st- lab 208, 3rd- lab 304
  2. Quiz unemployment

Friday Sept. 7

  1. Notes on GD
  2. “GDP: Does It measure up?” article and questions
  3. GDP practice

Monday Sept. 10

LG: Learn about inflation .

  1. Quiz GDP
  2. notes on inflation
  3. practice inflation and GDP problems

Tuesday Sept. 11

LG: Learn about CPI.

  1. Quiz on inflation
  2. Notes and activity on CPI
  3. “What’s in Your Market Basket?” article and questions
  4. Real vs. Nominal Gross Movie Sales Activity

Wednesday Sept. 12

LG: Learn about the business cycle.

  1. Quiz on CPI
  2. Quiz NE ch. 9
  3. Business cycle notes and activity

Thursday Sept. 13

LG: Learn about The Federal Reserve and the Monetary Policy.

  1. Quiz on the Business Cycle
  2. Notes Fed. Reserve and Monetary Policy

Friday Sept. 14   Homecoming Pep Rally 

LG: Learn about the Federal Reserve and monetary policy/

  1. Notes Fed. Reserve and Monetary Policy
  2. View “How the Economic Machine Works”

Monday Sept. 17   Constitution Day!

LG: Learn about fiscal policy and taxes.

  1. Quiz  Federal Reserve and Monetary policy
  2. Learn about the Constitution, it is 231 years old today!
  3. complete notes fiscal policy and taxes for homework  TAXES AND FISCAL POLICY Spring 2015-2jue9ys

Tuesday Sept. 18

LG: Learn about different types of taxes.

  1. Quiz Fiscal Policy
  2. create “Interview a Tax” skits
  3. problem set
  4. complete vocabulary

Wednesday Sept. 19

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of Macro economics.

  1. Check problem set
  2. Touchstones Micro Economics Quiz
  3. Present “Interview a Tax” skits

Thursday Sep. 20

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of Macro economics.

  1. Turn in vocabulary and Problem sets
  2. Macroeconomics Assessment
  3. Vocabulary International Economics

Friday Sept. 21

LG: Wrap of macroeconomics, and review economic principles.

  1. NE Ch. 10 quiz
  2. Economic principles handout

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