Hon. World History Unit 5 Oct. 9-12,15-19, 22-26


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Book link: https://www.hmhco.com/api/external-sso/access?sp=ed&connection=GA-Cobb-00209531

Quiz yourself and study for Test Unit 5 with these Trivia Power Points: Middle Ages Trivia-1cb7awx and Renaissance Trivia-21nrobg

Social Studies Tutoring Schedule – Harrison-16fmte8

Read Incantation, out of class reading book. Incantation Information and Assignments FALL 2018-1junol7

Honors World History Syllabus s2018-2al8juy

HW: Daily review your unit notes. Complete any assignments we worked on in class that you didn’t finish during class.

Quizzes and Test Dates for Unit 5

  1. Quiz Feudalism/Manorialism Oct. 12
  2. Incantation pt. I Oct. 15
  3. Medieval House of Horrors presentations Oct. 16
  4. Biographies Quiz 19
  5. Incantation pt. II Oct. 22
  6. Unit 6 Assessment Oct. 23
  7. Midterm/Knowledge Check Quiz Oct. 26
  8. Food Day- recipe labeled Old World/New World, item extra credit

Tuesday Oct. 9  

LG: Learn about the beginning of the Middle Ages- Charlemagne and the Feudal System.

  1. Notes on Charlemagne
  2. Reading about Charlemagne and organizer chart to fill out
  3. Feudalism Simulation
  4. Feudalism and Manorialism  notes

HW: to complete Feudal Pyramid questions


Wednesday Oct. 10 PSAT DAY no 1st or 2nd period, report directly to Homeroom

Thursday Oct. 11

LG: Learn about feudalism,the power of the church, and the Crusades.

  1. Notes on castles and knighthood
  2. Notes on the power of the church
  3. Crusades notes
  4. Get in groups and begin planning Medieval House of Horrors Projects

HW: Study for Feudalism and Manorialism Quiz


Friday Oct. 12

LG: Research the Medieval topic your group is assigned, and learn about feudalism in Asia

  1. Quiz Feudalism/Manorialism
  2. research, plan and meeting for your medieval project-15 to 20 minutes. Bring all materials to create your boards for Tuesday’s presentations
  3. Read about Feudalism in Japan pp.334-339, answer questions 1-6 p. 339
  4. Read page pp.406-407 about Children’s Crusades and the effects of the Crusades
  5. Read Politics in Europe handout in packet

HW:  collect items and do research for your Medieval Hose of Horrors Projects, come prepared to work on Monday. ALSO read part 1 of Incantation quiz Monday.

Monday Oct. 15

LG: Learn all about the excitement and horror of the medieval times through the class presentations.

  1. Quiz Incantation pt 1
  2. Medieval House of Horrors work day
  3. Medieval Timeline

HW: make sure you are ready to present your projects tomorrow


Tuesday Oct. 16

LG: Learn about Medieval times.

  1. Medieval House of Horrors presentations.
  2. Before Crusades and After crusades notes in packet
  3. Post Crusades hand out
  4. Bubonic Plague clip


Wednesday Oct. 17

LG: Complete middle ages. Learn about the renaissance and the protestant reformation.

  1. Before Crusades and After crusades notes in packet
  2. Post Crusades hand out
  3. High Middle Ages notes
  4. Discuss notes on the 100 Years War
  5. Decline of Feudalism Graphic Organizer
  6. The European Renaissance notes

HW: Biographies Activity


Thursday Oct. 18

LG: Learn about Renaissance art and the Counter Reformation.

  1. Biographies Activity- check
  2. Notes on Protestant Reformation
  3. Renaissance Art chart and notes 
  4. Notes on the counter reformation
  5. Renaissance/Reformation Map

HW: study for Biographies quiz


Friday Oct. 19

LG: To reflect on the differences between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

  1. Biographies Quiz
  2. Renaissance Art chart and notes 
  3. Notes on the counter reformation
  4. Timeline on Renaissance Era
  5. Middle Ages vs. Renaissance Chart and Questions
  6. Meeting at Runnymede article and questions
  7. Wars pre printed notes

HW: read part 2 of Incantation quiz Monday. Review for Midterm/Knowledge Check Wednesday Oct. 24 


Monday Oct. 22

LG: Learn about the Renaissance and Reformation.

  1. Incantation Part 2 Quiz
  2. Renaissance Art chart and notes 
  3. Notes on the counter reformation
  4. Timeline on Renaissance Era
  5. Middle Ages vs. Renaissance Chart and Questions
  6. Meeting at Runnymede article and question

HW: Study for test,


Tuesday Oct. 23

LG: Prepare f0r test on Renaissance and Middle Ages.

  1. Complete Runnymede article and question
  2. read notes on Wars 1 and 2
  3. Finish the Dark Ages video
  4. Complete any work in packet needed

HW: study for test

Wednesday Oct. 24

LG: Demonstrate your knowledge of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Reformation.

  1. Turn in unit packet
  2. Test on the Middle Ages/Renaissance and the Reformation

HW: Review for Midterm/Knowledge Check Friday


Thursday Oct. 25

LG; Introduction to Absolutism, and review of units 1-5.

  1. 4 Corners: Absolutism
  2. review for midterm


Friday Oct. 26

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of units 1-5.

  1. Midterm
  2. Food Day- Bring a recipe with all items labeled either Old World or New World. If you bring the item, you can receive 5 extra points.



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