Hon. Govt. Unit 2 Plans Nov. 2, 5-9, 12-15


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Social Studies Tutoring Schedule – Harrison-16fmte8

Honors Gov-Econ Syllabus S2018-1hmwk9f

Friday Nov. 2

LG: Learn about civil liberties.

  1. turn in political cartoon
  2. Intro Civil Liberties activity- a. list individual rights you possess as U.S. citizens, b. rank in order of importance, c. write a paragraph about the one you chose as number 1, why did you rank it number 1?, d. share paragraphs, e. discuss significance of 1st Amend, what would the U.S. be like if people did not possess these rights, f. save we will revisit at the end of the unit
  3. Begin Civil Liberties notes https://www.slideshare.net/bshuman02/civil-liberties-and-civil-rights

HW: none

Monday Nov. 5

LG: Learn about civil liberties.

  1. Continue civil liberties notes https://www.slideshare.net/bshuman02/civil-liberties-and-civil-rights
  2. Scenario group activity

HW: work on completing unit 2 Vocabulary.

Tuesday Nov. 6

Student Holiday!

Wednesday Nov. 7 

LG: Learn about civil rights.

  1. notes on civil rights https://www.slideshare.net/bshuman02/civil-liberties-and-civil-rights
  2. Civil Rights clip
  3. Civil rights timelines

HW: Work on Unit 2 vocabulary, study notes. Complete timelines if needed.

Thursday Nov. 8

LG: Have a better understanding of modern civil liberties cases.

  1. Present timelines
  2. Complete notes on civil rights https://www.slideshare.net/bshuman02/civil-liberties-and-civil-rights
  3. Begin criminal and civil court processes notes

HW: Work on vocabulary, memorize a few court cases.

Friday Oct. 9 

LG: 1st Amendment rights.

  1. turn in political cartoon
  2. research and record your findings on 5 cases that demonstrate 1st Amendment rights
  3. Students will then be divided into 5 groups (one group/court case). They will create a skit demonstrating the protections offered in their particular case. Skits should be a minimum of 3 minutes, but no longer than 5 minutes. The grading rubric given to show students so that they understand the expectations as they plan the skits. Rubric for Skit or Role Play-1vxd54m

HW: Complete skits, study vocabulary, memorize a few court cases.

Monday Nov.12

LG: Learn about 1st amendment rights, and criminal justice.

  1. Present skits
  2. 1st Amendment Scenarios review
  3. Complete criminal and civil court processes notes
  4. Article “So you’re going to court…” to help understand the difference between civil and criminal courts. Complete for homework.

HW: Study vocabulary, memorize court cases. Complete article.

Tuesday Nov. 13

LG: Learn about court types and judicial activism and restraint.

  1. Look at graphic organizer of courts hierarchy
  2. Compare two articles about criminal and civil cases, answer questions in groups
  3. Two Points of View-Activism and Restraint Activity

HW: Complete activity if you did not finish in class, study.

Wednesday Nov. 14

LG: Wrap up Unit 2 civil liberties, civil rights, and criminal justice process.

  1. Revisit 1st day’s favorite right paragraph. Do you still think it is the most important right?
  2. study guide and review for test.

HW: Study for test.

Thursday Nov. 15

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of civil liberties, civil rights, and criminal justice process.

  1. turn in vocabulary
  2. Unit 2 Assessment

HW: None!

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