Hon. World Hist. WWI and WWII Plans Nov. 29-30, 3-7, 10-14, 17-20


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Book link: https://www.hmhco.com/api/external-sso/access?sp=ed&connection=GA-Cobb-00209531

**Study help WWI World War I Trivia-1dy68k7World War II Trivia-14mxvwn

World War I Study Guide-20y9j38

WWII Study Guide 2015-yd4huv

Final Exam Review Trivia-1z9c0jm part 1

Final Exam Trivia 2018-xdecw2   part 2

Final Study Guide- part 1 you did before midterm, here is part 2:World History Final Exam Review Guide 2014-1lhwjd7

Social Studies Tutoring Schedule – Harrison-16fmte8

Honors World History Syllabus s2018-2al8juy

Ch. 25  https://www.hmhco.com/content/hmof/social_studies/hmhss/na/gr9-12/hs_ws_ete_9780544673588_/teacher_resources/assets/pdf/SE_M25.pdf?custom_correlation_id=b8a25e9d-f73b-11e8-b1dc-015cfb43c399

Ch.28 https://www.hmhco.com/content/hmof/social_studies/hmhss/na/gr9-12/hs_ws_ete_9780544673588_/teacher_resources/assets/pdf/SE_M28.pdf?custom_correlation_id=dd7a4970-f73b-11e8-97fc-4173b751b8c0


Thursday Nov. 29

LG: Learn about the conditions that lead up to WWI, and other underlying causes.

  1. Murder Mystery: Who killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand? Why?
  2. Power point :underlying causes of WWI
  3. Read about the Schlieffen Plan
  4. WWI propaganda activity

HW: Complete  propaganda activity if needed

Friday Nov. 30 

LG: Learn about the underlying causes of WWI.

  1. PowerPoint notes on World War I the beginnings
  2. Map assignment
  3. WWI video

HW: Complete map assignment

Monday Dec. 3

LG: Learn about the turning point in WWI.

  1. Notes on the turning point
  2. Answer questions on the opposing sides
  3. Trench Warfare Simulation TrenchWarfareSimulation-1f4uqh4
  4. WWI Battles, complete storyboard in packet Battles of WWI Summaries-2imiu59
  5. Zimmerman Telegram questions

HW: Complete Zimmerman questions and complete storyboard- get pictures

Tuesday Dec. 4

LG: Learn about the end of WWI and its after effects.

  1. Conclusion of WWI notes
  2. WWI: Over the top article and questions
  3. The End of Tsarism and questions
  4. The Century -1914-1919 documentary and questions The Century 1914-1919 Questions-txyclb
  5. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=the+century%2c+1914+to+1919&&view=detail&mid=35CE8B9AC4E90FEF789835CE8B9AC4E90FEF7898&&FORM=VDRVRV
  6. The Century Evil Rising and questions https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=the+century+evil+rising&view=detail&mid=D93BDA56B338878414FAD93BDA56B338878414FA&FORM=VIRE 

HW: Complete all classwork, review your notes

Wednesday Dec. 5

LG: What happened between WWI and WWII?

  1. A Flawed Peace Notes
  2. Compare the Treaty of Versailles https://www.britannica.com/event/Treaty-of-Versailles-1919 to Wilson’s 14 Points Wilson’s 14 Points-24m5myb
  3. Postwar Uncertainty: Science and Art

HW: Complete all of today’s classwork you did not finish in class

Thursday Dec. 6

LG: Learn about Postwar uncertainty and pre WWII.

  1. Ch. 25 Reading Quiz
  2. Between the wars ppt.
  3. Complete, if needed, The Century Rising Video with questions
  4. Notes on setting the stage

HW: Review your notes

Friday Dec. 7

LG: Set the stage for WWII.

  1. Notes on totalitarianism/fascism
  2. Path to WWII notes
  3. Read Hitler Coming to Power
  4. Munich Appeasement activity
  5. Faces of Totalitarianism Worksheet

HW: complete any classwork needed

Monday Dec. 10

LG: Discuss Hitler and how to stop him.

  1. Notes on Hitler
  2. Notes on Axis Aggression
  3. WWII Map activity
  4. London Goes to War article and questions

HW: Complete map, study notes

Tuesday Dec. 11

LG: Axis powers and allied advances.

  1. Axis powers on attack and allied advance notes
  2. Pearl Harbor and 911 speeches Comparison
  3. WWII U.S. Japanese Internment camps Primary Source analysis activity

HW: Complete all classwork, study notes

Wednesday Dec. 12

LG: End of war information.

  1. Complete Japanese Internment Activity
  2. End of war notes and aftermath notes
  3. Video clip- Why we fight Nazis
  4. Holocaust notes
  5. Case Study: Dropping the Bomb Activity

HW: Complete all classwork, study notes

Thursday Dec. 13

LG: End of war information.

  1. Case Study: Dropping the Bomb Activity
  2. Work on study guide

HW: Review for SLO and WWI test

Friday Dec. 14

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of  WWI, and World History.

  1. SLO Post Test, replaces lowest test grade
  2. WWI Test

HW: study for WWII test

Monday Dec. 17

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of WWII.

  1. Turn in packets
  2. Test WWII

HW: work on the packet for post WWII, and prep for final exam.

Tuesday Dec. 18

LG: Learn about post WWII.

  1. Work on packet
  2. View The Butter Battle and answer the questions

HW: work on the packet for post WWII, and prep for final exam.

Wednesday Dec. 19

LG: Learn about the world post WWII.

  1. Complete the post war packet and turn in
  2. study for final exam

HW:  prep for final exam.

Thursday Dec. 20 

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of World History.

  1. Final Exam 2nd period




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