Hon. Econ. Macro Unit Feb. 7-8, 11-15, 25-28


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Honors Gov-Econ Syllabus S2018-1hmwk9f)

Social Studies Tutoring Schedule – Harrison-16fmte8

 Help to study for the EOC Economics_Study_Guide_7.7.17-1oxacku

Pre course work-1iwgc70


Thursday Feb. 7

LG: Learn about GDP, macro goals, the business cycle, and aggregate supply and demand.

  1. Micro debates
  2. Notes on GDP
  3. “GDP: Does It measure up?” article and questions
  4. GDP practice

HW: study notes, complete GDP practice


Friday Feb. 8

LG: Learn about GDP, macro goals, the business cycle, and aggregate supply and demand.

  1. Micro debates
  2. check GDP practice
  3. notes on the business cycle
  4. business cycle activity

HW: complete business cycle activity, study notes for quiz


Monday Feb. 11

LG: To learn about unemployment.

  1. Quiz GDP, business cycle, macro goals, and aggregate supply and demand
  2. Read “Making Sense  of Unemployment Data” and answer questions
  3. Notes on unemployment
  4. Role play activity for unemployment
  5. Create skits for the types of unemployment

HW: review notes for quiz, complete any unfinished classwork


Tuesday Feb. 12

LG: Learn about unemployment.

  1. perform unemployment skits
  2. practice unemployment questions

HW: complete unemployment questions, study for quiz


Wednesday Feb. 13

LG: Learn about inflation.

  1. Quiz unemployment
  2. Notes and activity on inflation/CPI
  3. “What’s in Your Market Basket?” article and questions

HW: finish article, study notes


Thursday Feb. 14  Happy Valentine’s Day

LG: Learn about CPI, and market baskets.

  1. Real vs. Nominal Gross Movie Sales Activity
  2. Market basket activity

HW: Study notes for quiz


Friday Feb. 15

LG: Learn about The Federal Reserve and the Monetary Policy.

  1. Quiz on inflation
  2. Notes Fed. Reserve and Monetary Policy FEDERAL RESERVE MONETARY POLICY Spring 2015-1t1xmix
  3. View “How the Economic Machine Works”
  4. receive problem set  Unit 3 Problem Set Macro Spring 2019 (Julie Clifton)-189q7u5

HW: review notes for Monday Feb. 25 quiz on monetary policy and the Federal Resserve


***Happy Winter Break Feb. 18-22***


Monday Feb. 25

LG: Learn about fiscal policy and taxes.

  1. Quiz  Federal Reserve and Monetary policy
  2. Notes fiscal policy and taxes TAXES AND FISCAL POLICY Spring 2015-2jue9ys
  3. Create “Interview a tax ” skit

HW: study notes for quiz


Tuesday Feb. 26

LG: Learn about different types of taxes.

  1. Quiz Fiscal Policy
  2. Perform “Interview a Tax” skits
  3. work on problem set

HW: Study for Touchstone quiz and test, complete problem set


Wednesday Feb. 27

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of Macro economics.

  1. Touchstones Macro Economics Quiz
  2. Check problem set
  3. Present “Interview a Tax” skits, if needed

HW: Study for test


Thursday Feb. 28

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of Macro economics.

  1. Problem sets
  2. Macroeconomics Assessment


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