Honors Govt. Unit 4 May 6-May 17


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FINAL EXAM- Complete study guide FINAL EXAM REVIEW SHEET spring 2019, be sure to look at the handout from Pew Research (in packet with political parties and elections on the front) on which people vote Republican and Democratic  ( if you did not pick up handout, look at the  online election 2016  Party Identification Detailed Tables -Pew Research Center). That packet also has the kinds of propaganda vocabulary in it. Review what Articles 1-7 say, so you can label statements about the Constitution.


Book link: https://www.hmhco.com/api/external-sso/access?sp=ed&connection=GA-Cobb-00209531&t=v


Social Studies Tutoring Schedule – Harrison-16fmte8

honors government economics syllabus spring 2019-2o16w97

Monday May 6

LG: Demonstrate understanding of the Legislative branch of government.

  1. Turn in vocabulary
  2. Test on Legislative body.
  3. Receive Unit 4 vocabulary
  4. choose president for president project due Friday

HW: work on new vocabulary


Tuesday May 7

LG: Learn about the roles of the President.

  1. Notes ch. 8-9 Government – Ch. 8 & 9 – The Presidency-1uv8nfs
  2. work on voc. for Unit 4
  3. continue work on pres. project due Friday

HW: Review notes, work on pres. project due Friday


Wednesday May 8

LG: Learn about foreign policy, defense and special interest groups.

  1. Notes on ch 10 Chapter-10-glencoe-powerpoint
  2. Complete ch 22 notes ch._22_without_gr-11tzgbi
  3. Special Interest Groups Activity https://votesmart.org/interest-groups#.XAp7j9VKjcs

HW: research special interest group, work on pres. project due Friday


Thursday May 9

LG: Learn about the Political Parties,  Political Ideology,  and special interest groups.

  1. Notes Campaigns, Elections, Interest Groups, Propaganda UNIT 4 CAMPAIGNS, ELECTIONS, MEDIA, INTEREST GROUPS
  2. Special Interest Groups Activity due Monday May 13

HW: research special interest group, complete pre. project to turn in Friday


Friday May 10

LG: Learn about election campaigns and special interest groups.

  1. Complete notes from yesterday
  2. How different groups vote- Pew Research Center handout
  3. Present President projects

HW: Review notes, complete special interest group brochure


Monday May 13

LG: Wrap up any special interest group presentations, and prepare for test.

  1. Special Interest Groups presentations
  2. study for unit 4 assessment
  3. Voc. due tomorrow

HW: study for test, complete all vocabulary


Tuesday May 14

LG: Show understanding of Legislative, Executive and Judicial.

  1. Turn in vocabulary Unit 4
  2. Unit 4 Assessment
  3. Create your own govt. project

HW: Start studying for Final Exam

Wednesday May 15

LG: Apply what you have learned about government.

  1. Create your own government activity complete and turn in

HW: Study for final exam


Thursday/Friday  May 16,17

LG: Demonstrate your knowledge of government.

  1. Final Exam 1st, and 2nd  period -Thursday
  2. Final Exam 3rd period -Friday

HW: Make good choices as you graduate and go to college! Congratulations and Good Luck!!!

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