H. Econ. Unit 1 Plans August 1-2, 5-9, & 12-13


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Syllabus –Syllabus HECON F2019

Summer/Pre Course Reading-Pre course work-1iwgc70

Standards for Economics- Social-Studies-Economics-Georgia-Standards-1kygv50

Help to study for the EOC Economics_Study_Guide_7.7.17-1oxacku

Econ book link: https://clever.com/oauth/instant-login?client_id=58a2387860cc09e7d1d1&district_id=5798a584ac8d990100000850&specify_auth=saml

Tutoring Schedule- will be located on the Social Studies page, under the Academics tab on the Harrison web page

Unit 1 Problem Set Fundamentals Spring 2019-1153s2k


Pre -Test Economics- Date has not been set yet, as soon as I know I will give it to you.


Thursday August 1

Learning Goal: Become familiar with Economics definition.

  1. Review transcripts
  2. Students fill out information forms
  3. Syllabus
  4. What is Economics Really About?
  5. View video on kidney donations and complete activity
  6. Power point notes and video clips: Basic Economic Reasoning
  7. Wrap up class, HW reminder


Respond to the following questions:

Drawing on your new knowledge of the definition of economics and our class discussion, answer the following questions for homework:

  • 1. Name four things you know about economics.
  • 2. How does economics relate to your life? How does it affect your family?
  • 3. After viewing organ donation video and completing dialysis activity, come up with a plan to solve the problem of kidney donations/dialysis. Be sure to address your solution completely (at least one paragraph).


Friday August 2

LG: Explain why limited productive resources and unlimited wants result in scarcity, opportunity costs, and trade-offs for individuals, businesses, and governments.

  1. Turn in HW questions
  2. Collect syllabus signatures sheet
  3. Power point notes and video clips: Basic Economic Reasoning
  4. A Mystery of Two Families Activity
  5. The Boring School Mystery Activity

HW: Review notes for Monday’s quiz; complete any of class activity you did not finish in class.

Monday August 5

LG:  Understand scarcity and opportunity costs.

  1. Allocating Scarce Resources Game
  2. Quiz 1 Basic Economic Reasoning
  3. Discuss Mysteries from Friday
  4. Read article “The Scarcity Shortage” and answer the questions
  5.  Resource Scarcity Game
  6. Econ. Systems notes

HW: complete opportunity chart if needed; study notes

Tuesday August 6

LG: Compare and contrast different economic systems and explain how they answer the three basic economic questions of what to produce, how to produce, and for whom to produce

  1. Trade Offs Chart Activity
  2. Power point notes and video clips: Economic systems lecture #2
  3. discuss handout comparing economic systems
  4. Read charts on pp. 62, 66-67 in text
  5. Read pp. 47 aloud from text
  6. Begin Prod. Possibilities ppt

HW: Review notes for tomorrow’s quiz

Wednesday August 7

LG: To be able to use economic models like production possibilities curves, marginal cost/marginal benefit tables, and production graphs to identify trade-offs, opportunity cost, and rational decision making criteria.

  1. Quiz 2 Economic Systems notes
  2. PowerPoint notes/videos on production possibilities #3
  3. Production possibilities activities

HW: complete activity if needed

Thursday August 8

LG: To be able to use economic models like production possibilities curves, and learn about the role of governments and market failures.

  1. Check production possibilities work from yesterday
  2. ppt. Goods, Market failures, role of Govt.
  3. Production possibilities graphing practice.

HW: Review notes for tomorrow’s quiz

Friday August 9

LG: Learn about rational decision making.

  1. Quiz 3 production possibilities
  2. Ppt notes on rational decision making and activities
  3. practice set for unit 1, due Wednesday

HW: Review notes for Monday’s quiz;  complete problem set- an accuracy grade will be taken

Monday August 12

LG: Learn about economic goals in economics.

  1. Quiz  4 role of govt.
  2. Touchstone Quiz  for Fundamentals
  3. Grade Unit I practice set
  4. study for test unit 1

HW: Review notes and study for tomorrow’s test; review problem set

Tuesday August 13

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental concepts in economics.

  1. Unit 1 problem set
  2. test Unit 1
  3. Read article and answer questions

HW: complete article  and questions if needed

HWH Unit 1 Plans August 1-2, 5-9, and 12-13


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Book link: https://www.hmhco.com/api/external-sso/access?sp=ed&connection=GA-Cobb-00209531

Syllabus:syllabus f19 (1)

World History Standards: https://www.georgiastandards.org/Georgia-Standards/Documents/Social-Studies-World-History-Georgia-Standards.pdf

Pre-Course Reading Assignment- Pre-Course-Assginment-2019-20-Honors-A-Little-History-of-the-World (1)

Study Guide for Unit 1:Ancient Civilizations Key Facts


Thursday August 1 

LG: Learn about key dates in history, the world map and timeline.

  1. Course intro-syllabus and student info sheet
  2. Pre-Course Assignment A Little History of the World, Harrison blog. Due August 12th.
  3. TRSS and textbook forms
  4. Key dates in world history activity, text: pp. 22-28 Unit One PP (Timeline,Neolithic Revolution, Early Civilizations)
  5. Timeline notes
  6. Rise of Civilization notes
  7. Neolithic Revolution and Early Human Achievement Charts Early Human Achievements Chart Blank
  8. World map and timeline activity INTRO World Map and Timeline Activity both sides


  1. Get syllabus signed,
  2. Finish world map and timeline activity

Friday August 2 

LG: Learn about Ancient Mesopotamia civilization.

  1. Go over answers to world map homework, quiz Monday August 5
  2. Unit 1 ppt. notes on Mesopotamia, text: pp.34-50,126-130
  3. Video on Mesopotamia, fill in questions as we watch Mesopotamia Video 101


  1. Study for the map and timeline quiz Monday Aug. 5
  2. Hammurabi’s Code Primary Source Homework Hammurabi Activity
  3. Practice possible essays for Unit 1 test- the essays will come from the charts on the Neolithic Revolution and Early Human Achievements

Monday August 5

LG: Learn about the Ancient Egyptian civilization.

  1. World map and Timeline Quiz
  2. Complete Mesopotamia video
  3. Notes over Ancient Egypt, text: pp.51-61, 116-125
  4. Video on Egypt, fill in questions as we watch Egypt Video Ques NEW


  1. Review your notes, fill in any from power point that you missed.

Tuesday August 6 

LG: Learn about Ancient India.

  1. Complete Egypt video and questions
  2. Notes on Ancient India, text: pp. 62-70
  3. Fill in Ancient Key Facts Sheet


  1. Fill in fact sheet ( this is Unit 1 study guide) up through the Indian Civilization
  2. Review notes
  3. practice writing essays from Neolithic and Early Human Achievement charts

Wednesday August 7

LG: Explore the ancient religions of the world.

  1. Read about the religions of the Middle East and Asia, answer all the questions about each religion,  Text: 80-98 Religions of the Middle East and Asia Reading Packet, Religions of the Middle East and Asia Packet Questions


  1. complete any religion questions that you did not finish in class
  2. study your notes for Unit 1 test

Thursday August 8

LG: Learn about the Ancient Chinese civilization.

  1. Take notes on the Ancient Chinese, text: 70-77, 137-143
  2. Qin Shi Huangdi chart and activity


  1. study notes for Unit 1 test
  2. fill in Ancient Key Facts sheet for China

Friday August 9

LG: Learn about the origins of monotheism. Learn about the early African culture of the Bantu.

  1. review information from religions packet on monotheism, text:99-113
  2.  Notes on Bantu migration and agriculture, text: 444-449
  3. Begin Bantu map and chart activity Bantu Migration Activity


  1. Pre-Course assignment due Monday August 12!
  2. STUDY!STUDY!STUDY! for Unit 1 TEST; it is on Tuesday.

Monday August 12

LG:Complete study of Bantu and review for test.

  1. Turn in Pre-Course assignment
  2. Complete Bantu activity
  3.  Review Ancient Key Facts Sheet to prepare for Unit 1 Test


Tuesday August 13

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of Ancient Civilizations.

  1. Turn in Unit 1 Packet, with all activities
  2. Unit 1 Test
  3. Begin work on Ancient Greek Map


  1.  complete Greek map
  2. begin reading Module 5 in the text using the electronic link at the top of Unit 1 blog, pp. 146-189 there will be a quiz  over this module
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