H.Econ.Unit 3 Plans Sept. 3-6,9-13,16-20


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EOC October 17 and 18

Help to study for the EOC Economics_Study_Guide_7.7.17-1oxacku

Syllabus –Syllabus HECON F2019

Summer/Pre Course Reading-Pre course work-1iwgc70

Standards for Economics- Social-Studies-Economics-Georgia-Standards-1kygv50

Help to study for the EOC Economics_Study_Guide_7.7.17-1oxacku

Econ book link: https://clever.com/oauth/instant-login?client_id=58a2387860cc09e7d1d1&district_id=5798a584ac8d990100000850&specify_auth=saml

Tutoring Schedule- will be located on the Social Studies page, under the Academics tab on the Harrison web page


Tuesday Sept. 3

LG: Learn about Gross Domestic Product.

  1. Notes on GDP
  2. “GDP: Does It measure up?” article and questions

HW: study notes, complete GDP art./questions


Wednesday Sept. 4

LG: Learn about GDP.

  1. turn in article and questions
  2. GDP practice

HW: review notes, read Naked Economics, complete GDP practice


Thursday Sept. 5

LG: Learn about the business cycle.

  1. check GDP practice
  2. notes on the business cycle, and read pp. 366-373 in text book (link above)
  3. business cycle activity Business Cycle Graph Mini-project

HW: complete business cycle activity, study notes for quiz


Friday Sept. 6

LG: To learn about unemployment.

  1. Quiz GDP, business cycle
  2. Notes on unemployment and read pp. 382-389
  3. Role play activity for unemployment-Create skits for the types of unemployment. Be ready to perform next week.

HW: review notes for quiz, prepare for skit


Monday Sept. 9

LG: Learn about unemployment.

  1. practice unemployment questions
  2. Read “Making Sense  of Unemployment Data” and answer questions
  3. perform unemployment skits

HW: complete unemployment questions, study for quiz


Tuesday Sept. 10

LG: Learn about inflation.

  1. Quiz unemployment
  2. Notes and activity on inflation/CPI and read pp.375-381
  3. “What’s in Your Market Basket?” article and questions

HW: finish article, study notes


Wednesday Sept. 11

LG: Learn about CPI, and market baskets.

  1. Real vs. Nominal Gross Movie Sales Activity
  2. Market basket activity
  3. Receive debate topics

HW: Study notes for quiz


Thursday Sept. 12

LG: Learn about The Federal Reserve and the Monetary Policy.

  1. Quiz on inflation, postponed to Friday
  2. Complete inflation notes
  3. Notes Fed. Reserve and Monetary Policy and read pp.462-483 FEDERAL RESERVE MONETARY POLICY Spring 2015
  4. receive problem set  Unit 3 Problem Set Macro Spring 2019 (Julie Clifton)-189q7u5

HW: review notes for quiz on monetary policy and the Federal Reserve


Friday Sept. 13

LG: Learn about fiscal policy and taxes.

  1. Quiz  Inflation
  2. Notes fiscal policy and taxes and read pp. 398-429  TAXES AND FISCAL POLICY Spring 2015-2jue9ys 
  3. Students absent today, we did first 11 notes in Fiscal Policy ppt.

HW: study notes for quiz


Monday Sept. 16

LG: Learn about different types of taxes.

  1. Quiz Federal Reserve and Monetary policy
  2.  Complete Fiscal Policy notes
  3. Complete Market Basket activity
  4. work on problem set

HW: Study for Touchstone quiz and test, complete problem set


Tuesday Sept. 17

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of Macro economics.

  1. Happy Constitution Day – The economics in the Preamble
  2. Touchstones Macro Economics Quiz
  3. Problem set

HW:  work on problem set, Study for test


Wednesday Sept. 18

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of Macroeconomics.

  1. Quiz on Fiscal Policy notes
  2. Complete problem set
  3. check problem set

HW: Study for test.


Thursday Sept. 19

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of Macro economics.

  1. Problem sets
  2. Macroeconomics Assessment


Friday Sept. 20

LG: Demonstrate your knowledge of your chosen debate topic.

  1. Debates

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