Hon. Econ. Unit 5 Plans Oct. 8-11, 14-18


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Econ book link: https://clever.com/oauth/instant-login?client_id=58a2387860cc09e7d1d1&district_id=5798a584ac8d990100000850&specify_auth=samaximum-employment-1x8d2to


Tutoring Schedule: see Harrison Social Studies Homepage

 Help to study for the EOC Economics_Study_Guide_7.7.17-1oxacku

****Continue preparation on your own for EOC on Oct. 17-18  by logging in to USATest Prep and Joining your class. Assignments are required, and they will count as quiz grades.***** Due by 10 pm Oct. 16th


StudyGuide: Milestones_StudyGuide_Economics_11-16-ymxtob

Another great practice site for Econ EOC: https://www.quia.com/quiz/678432.html

Naked Economics assigned reading: Pre course work-1iwgc70

honors government economics syllabus spring 2019-2o16w97


Tuesday Oct. 8 after Unit 4 test

LG: Review decision matrix for cost benefit options associated with various option when making choices and budgeting.

  1.  Review decisions matrix ideas after International test
  2. Article “Insurance: Managing Risk and Balancing Responsibility with Affordability” answer all questions, due tomorrow

HW: USATest Prep Quizzes,  complete article and questions. CH. 7 Naked Economics


Wednesday Oct. 9

LG: Learn about banks and other financial institutions, reasons for the spread of interest charged and interest earned, and the relationship between risk and return.

  1.  go over answers from article
  2. compare different types of financial services
  3. why the spread between interest charged and interests earned?
  4. relationship between risk and return, types of taxes, credit
  5. “Savings Goal Calculator” activity, complete chart

HW: Review today’s notes, USA Test Prep quizzes, read NE Chapter 7

Thursday Oct. 10

LG: Learn about the costs and benefits of using credit and taxes.

  1. Review types of taxes and effect  different groups complete activity
  2. Insurance summary page
  3. compare interest rates on loans and credit cards and complete handout on Credit Scores

HW: Review today’s notes, USATest Prep Quizzes, read NE Chapter 7

Friday Oct. 11

LG:Describe how insurance and other risk-management strategies, plus look at 21st century earnings of workers and how they are determined.

  1. Look at Auto Loan Calculator, and follow directions to complete activity
  2.  Complete ” College: Learning the Skills to Pay the Bills? ” article and fill in the provided budget sheet
  3. How earnings of workers are determined in the marketplace and the importance of investing in your own education

HW: Review all personal finance notes for tomorrow’s Touchstone, USA Test Prep quizzes, read NE Chapter 7

Monday Oct. 14

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of personal finance.

  1. Touchstone for Personal Finance
  2. Review for EOC

HW: Review all personal finance notes for tomorrow’s Unit test, USA Test Prep quizzes, read NE Chapter 7

Tuesday March 15

LG:Demonstrate knowledge of personal finance.

  1. Test Unit 5 Personal Finance.
  2. Review for EOC

HW: USA Test Prep quizzes and review for EOC

Wednesday Oct. 16 Senior Seminar no Economics

HW: USA Test Prep quizzes due at 10 pm,  and review for EOC

Thursday  and Friday Oct.  17 and 18

LG: Demonstrate your knowledge of Economic principles.

  1. EOC Economics

HW: Breathe!!!

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