HWH Unit 6 Plans Oct.28-Nov.1, Nov. 4-8


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Book link: https://www.hmhco.com/api/external-sso/access?sp=ed&connection=GA-Cobb-00209531

Syllabus: syllabus f19 (1)

Tutoring Schedule: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6jy-_ymJ6lPVW55eVl2bk0ySjA/view

World History Standards: https://www.georgiastandards.org/Georgia-Standards/Documents/Social-Studies-World-History-Georgia-Standards.pdf

Monday Oct. 28

LG: Learn about the Scientific Revolution and absolutism.

  1. Take notes on Scientific Revolution, then use book to complete the chart on the scientists.
  2. Notes on Rise of Absolutism
  3. Read “The Ideology of Absolutism” and answer questions
  4. Absolutism map

HW: Review notes and complete article and questions if needed, read Module 17 and take notes

Tuesday Oct.29

LG: Learn about Absolutism.

  1. Absolutism Timeline
  2. Use textbook to complete “Philosophers of the Enlightenment” activity
  3. notes on English Civil  War and Restoration and Glorious Revolution
  4. Read ” Peter the Great” and answer questions

HW: Complete anything not completed in class, read Module 17 and take notes

Wednesday Oct. 3o

LG: Complete study of Absolutism and begin French Revolution.

  1. Create Tudors and Stuarts and Hanoverians Family Tree English Family Tree-2fsme80
  2. “Interpreting a Historical Family Tree: Tudors and Stuarts and Hanoverians” activity
  3. Horrible Histories Wife Swap
  4. Notes on Phase 1 and 2 of the French Revolution

HW: review notes, read Module 17 and take notes


Thursday Oct. 31 Happy Halloween!

LG: Learn about absolutism and the French revolution.

  1. View the History Channel: The French Revolution, answer questions as you watch https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=french+revolution+by+the+history+channel&view=detail&mid=2CA60E329CB0996C21AC2CA60E329CB0996C21AC&FORM=VIRE
  2. answer questions
  3. work on completing packet

HW: review notes, read Module 17 and take notes for quiz tomorrow

Friday Nov. 1

LG: Learn about the French Revolution and the rise of Napoleon.

  1. Module 17 Reading Quiz
  2. Notes on Phase 3 of French Revolution
  3. Horrible Histories French Revolution
  4. The French Revolution Timeline
  5. Notes on the rise of Napoleon (phase 4)

HW: Review notes, read Module 19 and take notes

Monday Nov. 4

LG: Look at and compare various revolutions around the world.

  1. Comparing Revolutions Group Activity

HW: Complete your part of the project if you did not do in class. Begin Study Guide for Friday’s test.

read Module 19 and take notes

Tuesday Nov. 5

Student Holiday!

HW: Work on Study Guide for Friday’s test,  read Module 20 and take notes

 Wednesday Nov. 6

LG: Learn about Louis the XVI and Marie Antoinette.

  1. Share revolutions activity, take notes on other revolutions
  2. Louis and Marie Profile Activity

HW: Work on Study Guide for Friday’s test, read Module 19 and take notes- quiz tomorrow

Thursday Nov. 7

LG: Learn about Louis and Marie Antoinette, and review for test.

  1. Module 19 reading quiz
  2. Complete Louis and Marie Profile Activity, turn in
  3. Review for test

HW: Work on Study Guide for Friday’s test.

Friday Nov. 8

LG: Demonstrate your knowledge of Unit 5 material.

  1. Turn in your packet.
  2. Test Unit 6

HW: Enjoy the weekend!

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