HWH Unit 8 Plans Nov. 14-15,18-22


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Book link: https://www.hmhco.com/api/external-sso/access?sp=ed&connection=GA-Cobb-00209531

Syllabus: syllabus f19 (1)

Tutoring Schedule: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6jy-_ymJ6lPVW55eVl2bk0ySjA/view

World History Standards: https://www.georgiastandards.org/Georgia-Standards/Documents/Social-Studies-World-History-Georgia-Standards.pdf

Thursday Nov. 14

LG: Learn about the conditions that lead up to WWI, and other underlying causes.

  1.  Nationalism case study of Italy and Germany
  2. Murder Mystery: Who killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand? Why?
  3. Power point :underlying causes of WWI
  4. Read about the Schlieffen Plan
  5. WWI propaganda activity

HW: Complete  propaganda activity if needed, review notes, Read Module 25

Friday Nov. 15

LG: Learn about the underlying causes of WWI.

  1. PowerPoint notes on World War I the beginnings
  2. Map assignment
  3. WWI video

HW: Complete map assignment, review notes, Read Module 25

Monday Nov. 18

LG: Learn about the turning point in WWI.

  1. Notes on the turning point
  2. Answer questions on the opposing sides
  3. Trench Warfare Simulation TrenchWarfareSimulation-1f4uqh4
  4. WWI Battles, complete storyboard in packet Battles of WWI Summaries-2imiu59
  5. Zimmerman Telegram questions

HW: Complete Zimmerman questions and complete storyboard- get pictures, review notes, Read Module 25

Tuesday Nov. 19

LG: Learn about the end of WWI and its after effects.

  1. Conclusion of WWI notes
  2. WWI: Over the top article and questions
  3. The Century -1914-1919 documentary and questions The Century 1914-1919 Questions-txyclb https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=the+century%2c+1914+to+1919&&view=detail&mid=35CE8B9AC4E90FEF789835CE8B9AC4E90FEF7898&&FORM=VDRVRV
  4. The Century Evil Rising and questions https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=the+century+evil+rising&view=detail&mid=D93BDA56B338878414FAD93BDA56B338878414FA&FORM=VIRE 

HW: Complete all classwork, review your notes, Read Module 25

Wednesday Nov. 20

LG: What happened between WWI and WWII?

  1. A Flawed Peace Notes
  2. Compare the Treaty of Versailles https://www.britannica.com/event/Treaty-of-Versailles-1919 to Wilson’s 14 Points Wilson’s 14 Points-24m5myb
  3. Postwar Uncertainty: Science and Art

HW: Complete all of today’s classwork you did not finish in class, Read Module 25 for quiz tomorrow

Thursday Nov. 21

LG: Learn about Postwar uncertainty and pre WWII.

  1. Ch. 25 Reading Quiz
  2. Complete, if needed, The Century Rising Video with questions
  3.  Study for test

HW: Study for WWI test tomorrow

Friday Nov. 22

LG: Demonstrate knowledge of WWI.

  1. turn in packet
  2. Unit 8 Test

HW: Eat lots of yummy Thanksgiving food! Happy Thanksgiving!

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