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Target’s BYOD Guidelines


BYOD Rules for Pickett’s Mill Classes
Remember, bringing a device to school is a privilege and there must be certain rules in place in order for a BYOD classroom to be effective. Please read the following rules, sign the bottom, and return.

1. I will only access the internet via the CCSDBYOD network.

2. I will not install apps or sign up for websites at school.

3. I will only use my device for approved educational use unless a teacher gives me permission otherwise.

4. I will not use the camera or video feature without teacher permission. If I do use it with teacher permission, I will not post the pictures or videos on any Social Media site.

5. I am the only student allowed to use my device.

6. I am responsible for keeping my device safe.

7. I will only use my device in class while under teacher supervision (no bus, ASP, etc).

3 Strikes and Your Device Is Out!
If I choose to break these rules the consequences are:
1st time – I will not have the privilege to use my device at school for 24 hours.
2nd time – I will not have the privilege to use my device at school for 1 week.
3rd time – I will no longer have the privilege of bringing my device to school for the remainder of the school year.


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