7th and 8th

Participation grades for 7th and 8th will start on next Wednesday,  August 14th.  Please make certain your child has all necessary equipment by then.  All the information necessary was contained in the syllabus I sent home yesterday (August 6).  If you are need of a school instrument, I will do my very best to provide 1.

Welcome 6th grade orchadorks!!!!

6th grade is a GREAT time to start orchestra, and I can’t wait to see all my new students!!! 

As far as instruments, I have some here at McClure if you’ll need to use a school violin or viola. I will give your child all the information they will need about acquiring their books, rosin, binder, etc., and for those of you renting an instrument from the music store, I will supply you with area music store flyers.  

Regarding cello,  I have several ‘celli that I sign out to students  for home use. I do my very best  to supply every incoming bassist with an instrument to use at home. For celli and bass – the home instrument  will be their practice instrument, as well as concert instrument.  Since these larger instruments cannot go on the bus, it  will stay at home and students  will use a McClure instrument in class at school.  IF you would like to rent a cello or bass from an area music store to keep at home – many parents choose this option – I will send plenty of information home and area music store flyers. I will give  all  students the information they will need about acquiring their books, rosin, binder, etc.

We have our very first concert at KMHS on 10/28, and it’s our annual Hollywood Movie concert.  It’s so much fun, and students get to dress up! 

If you would need to use a school violin, viola, cello, or bass, please email me at clare.mansell@cobbk12.org, and let me know your child’s name and what size instrument they require, as string instruments come in different sizes to allow for growth.  I will size the students either the first or second day of class.  

Please email me with any questions or concerns.  I am so looking forward to a GREAT year in orchestra!!

Here are clips from our gigantic area spring concert at Harrison High, called Jamboree! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6lc-sk1KYA&list=PLepKWuUAWAMRLmYFvbxJypHyY2Ypb8GjR&index=22&t=411s



Spring Concerts – Coming up!!

7/8 concert: Thursday 4/25 at 7:00, students arrive at 6:30

6/Chamber Sound concert: Wednesday 5/1 at 6:30, students arrive 6:00

Concert attire is required:

Blue orchestra polo, black slacks (not leggings or jeans), and black shoes  (not tennis shoes) 

All orchestra bass and cello MUST come from home for all concerts


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