Black History Month – Student Delegation Reflection

A group of 11 students volunteered to serve as ambassadors to the Black History Delegation. They met with Ms. Venus Corbin-May and Ms. Brooke Sams to share their insights about what makes them proud about their identity, their role models, and their stories. Listen to Ms. Corbin-May and Ms. Sams summarize and synthesize the students’ responses.

Black History Month – Introduction

Together at Campbell Middle School we will learn about and celebrate the diversity and history of our Black community. In this week’s introduction, students view a hip-hop version of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” that has images representative of Black History displayed behind the performer. Students discuss the messages of the words and the images in celebrating the contributions throughout Black History.

Multicultural Night

On November 9, Campbell Middle School hosted a night of celebration of our students and the diverse community they represent. The evening was chock full of delicious food, drink, music and entertainment from around the world.

French Culture and Language Week

Campbell Middle School observed National French Culture and Language Week for the first week of November. Enjoy this presentation about the contributions of the culture to our community.

Disability Awareness Month – Hearing, Vision, and Physical Disabilities

In October, Campbell Middle School observed Disability Awareness Month and concluded with learning about Hearing, Vision, and Physical Disabilities. This month we learned to be aware of the disabilities in our community and appreciate how they add to our diversity.

Disability Awareness Month – Communication, Learning, Intellectual Disabilities

In October, Campbell Middle School observed Disability Awareness Month, learning about the diverse abilities of our students. This week students learned about Communication Disorders, Learning Disabilities, and Intellectual Disabilities. Together we practice asking what someone CAN do, not what someone cannot.