Latinx Heritage Month – Sharing Our Stories

In the final homeroom lesson, students hear from parents about their cultural stories and desires for their children to embrace their Latinx heritage. These wishes cross all cultures, flavored by histories, beliefs, and community connections.

On Thursday, September 21, teachers will celebrate Latinx heritage by including in their lessons aspects of cultural identity, role models, cultural expression, and stories. Look for future posts about these activities!

Add to the celebration by sharing your story that contributes to our celebration of Latinx heritage at CMS! Connect on social media using the hashtag #cmsculture and linking to our Twitter account @cmsspartans1

Latinx Heritage Breakfast

Campbell parents provided the faculty and staff with an extraordinary treat of a home-cooked, traditional Latinx breakfast. This has been an annual tradition at Campbell anticipated each year because of the camaraderie and connections to celebrate our families’ heritage.  Muchas gracias!

Ode to Teachers

I remember
the first day,
how I looked down,
hoping you wouldn’t see
and when I glanced up,
I saw your smile
shining like a soft light
from deep inside you.

“I’m listening,” you encourage us.
“Come on!
Join our conversation,
let us hear your neon certainties,
thorny doubts, tangled angers,”
but for weeks I hid inside.

I read and reread your notes
my writing,
and you whispered,
“We need you
and your stories
and questions
that like a fresh path
will take us to new vistas.”

Slowly, your faith grew
into my courage
and for you—
instead of handing you
a note or apple or flowers—
I raised my hand.

I carry your smile
and faith inside like I carry
my dog’s face,
my sister’s laugh,
creamy melodies,
the softness of sunrise,
steady blessings of stars,
autumn smell of gingerbread,
the security of a sweater on a chilly day.

Latinx Heritage Month – Role Models

Continue our early celebration of Latinx Heritage Month! The week’s focus is on our role models. We are honored to have parents, staff, and community members Latinx heritage contributes to their inspiration to do good in the world. Students will talk in homeroom about their Latinx role models who promote human welfare, advance social reforms, volunteer in the community, and consistently help others beyond the classroom. Add to the celebration by acknowledging these members of our community! Connect on social media using the hashtag #cmsculture and linking to our Twitter account @cmsspartans1

Latinx Heritage Month – Introduction

Campbell Middle School is getting a head start in the observance of Latinx Heritage Month. The official month is September 15 – October 15 in recognition of the anniversary of independence of multiple Latin countries and Día de la Raza (Indigenous Peoples Day). We are starting early in response to multiple instructional and calendar events.

View the homeroom Extended Learning Time (ELT) presentation that introduces this year’s observance by examining the difference between Hispanic, Latino, and Latinx.

Add to the celebration by talking to members of our community about where they learned to speak Spanish or Portuguese. Connect on social media using the hashtag #cmsculture and linking to our Twitter account @cmsspartans1

Welcome! Bienvenido! Bienvenue! Bem vindo! 歡迎!

Welcome to Campbell Middle School’s blog for celebrating our diversity. Our mission is to develop skillful, compassionate, and innovative globally-minded students, and appreciating our contributions to the community is a key component in accomplishing this mission.

As a school with a highly diverse population (ethnicity, socio-economic status, country of origin, language) and as an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, Campbell Middle School is a model for culturally responsive pedagogy and practices. The “Appreciating Ourselves, Celebrating Our Community” project aims to make visible, engage, and connect the cultures of the school’s diverse learners.

Celebration of cultural groups will occur through ELT Brain Food, one day school-wide curricular focus aligned with theme, and additional celebrations. Students who identify with the cultural group can sign up as ambassadors to participate in an ELT meeting to share the aspects of their culture that they most appreciate. Staff will use student suggestions to craft the ELT sessions.

Please join in the celebration by sharing your connections through social media using the hashtag #cmsculture and linking to our Twitter account @cmsspartans1