May 7

Week of May 7-11

Hello Everyone,
The countdown is on! There are only 13 days left in 3rd grade!
Can you believe it?? I hope you saw our Countdown Calendar which came home last week. The special days start this week:

The annual Gator Gala is this Thursday! Please have your child wear his or her green Leader in Me shirt. The event begins in the gym at 6:00, but parking will be a challenge, so plan on arriving early.

Here’s a look at our learning this week:

In social studies, we will continue learning about government. We will have a special presentation from a Cobb County judge on Monday to help us learn more about the Judicial Branch. In addition to reviewing how the 3 Branches of government work, we will also learn about how our state government works. Some important words to ask your child; executive branch, legislative branch,  judicial branch, president, governor, congress, general assembly, and supreme court.

In math, we will work on more word problems. If you go to the store with your child this week, see if your child can make up a math problem based on items that were purchased. It’s important for your child to see that we solve math word problems in real life all the time!

In reading, we will continue with Peter Pan! We are having so much fun exploring all of the different characters in the book and reviewing all the different reading skills we’ve learned throughout the year

In writing, we are studying about Fairy Tales. Students will their own version of a classic fairy tale!

Last Week:

Ask your child about cooking S’mores in their Solar Ovens.

Solar ovens use solar energy—light and heat emitted from the sun—to cook food. How does a solar oven work? The simple answer is that it is designed to absorb more heat than it releases.

The plastic window worked like a greenhouse roof, allowing (direct and reflected) sunlight to pass into the box, while also retaining heat. At the bottom of the box was a black sheet of paper. It absorbed direct and reflected sunlight to warm it. The S’more was placed on top of the black paper and cooked. Students enjoyed the end product.

April 8

April 9-13

Testing Reminders

Testing will begin at 8:00. Please make every effort to be on time each day of testing. Once testing has begun, students cannot be permitted to enter the classroom until a scheduled break between sections. Tardiness means that your child has to make up the test in the afternoon in a different setting. We want each student to feel comfortable and minimize stress…

March 26

March 26-30

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone,

Please read this important information about our week.

  • ·       We will have our Ice Cream Multiplication party this Friday. Your child has been home their assigned topping to bring on Friday. Please have your child bring in by Wednesday, March 28.
  • ·       Our 3rd-grade play is this Thursday. Your child will be performing at school during the day and for parents at night. If you ordered a shirt for the play, your child will receive it on the morning of the play and will change into at school. If you did not order a shirt, please have your child wear a red, white, or blue shirt. Please have your child wear blue jeans. On Thursday night, your child should report to our classroom at 5:30. The PTA/Foundation meeting and play will begin at 6:00 in the cafeteria.
  • ·       There is NO SCHOOL next week (April 2-6) for Spring Break! Please continue to read every day! If you’re looking for more Milestone Practice, please check out this link:  Milestones Study Guide
  • ·       Milestone testing will begin on Tuesday, April 10th. We will be testing the mornings of April 10th, 11th, & 12th(writing & reading). And then we will resume testing on April 16th & 17th(math). It is very important for your child to get a full night of sleep and eat a good breakfast during these days. Thank you for your help with this! If you have any questions about testing, please let me know.

Here’s a look at our learning this week:

In social studies, we work on a business plan. In small groups, the students are deciding on what product they would sell, determining a price, and thinking about what resources will be needed to make their product. Ask your child about his or her product.

In reading, we will be reviewing our comprehension skills with some fun games. We will also be looking a little at poetry and seeing how we can apply our comprehension skills to poems too.

In math, we will take our Geometry test and begin to work one working on telling time. At home, work with your child should to help them to tell time to the minute. We will also work on understanding elapsed time. Try to find real-life situations in your child’s life where this can apply. For example, if swimming starts at 4:30 and ends at 5:15, how long is swimming? If you plan a trip to the movies, talk about when it starts and ends. Have your child figure out how long the movie is. We will also review other math concepts we have learned throughout the year.

In writing, we will be reviewing what we’ve learned about opinion and narrative writing with some fun writing prompts.

Monday, we will also visit the science lab this week for some fun with Mrs. Knobbe!

It is going to be a fabulous week!

January 30

Weekly Update

Hello Third Grade Families,
 At school, we’ve been stressing the importance of keeping your hands away from your face and washing your hands with soap throughout the day, but especially before snack and lunch. If your child does get sick, please keep him or her home and let us know of the diagnosis. We’ll catch them up with any missed work when they’re feeling better.
Important Dates:
Thursday, Feb. 1st – 6:00-7:30 STEAM NIGHT! Please plan to come see our school science fair projects & participate in some family STEAM fun!
Penny Wars have been extended due to the snow days. You can bring in your pennies (and sabotage money) until Thursday night at STEAM NIGHT where the final totals will be calculated.
Friday, Feb. 9th – FIELD TRIP to Chattahoochee Nature Center
Here’s a look at our learning this week:
In science, we finished up Georgia habitats and took a test today.  Wednesday, we will start to learn about how pollution can affect our habitats.  In addition, we will discuss different ways to prevent pollution.
In math, we will continue our work with fractions. This week on fractions on a number line
This is a great VIDEO that we watched to help us to understand this concept.
In reading, we will  read Peter Pan. Students have been using the text to support what they know about the characters traits, motivations, and feelings.  Standard RL3.3 They will also be comparing the different characters in the story.
In writing and language arts, we will continue our work with opinion writing. Your child will select a topic and work on forming strong reasons and examples which support his or her opinion. We will  continue  to learning more about adverbs. We will learn how to use comparative and superlative adverbs.
Homework: Please remember, your child should be reading for AT LEAST 20 minutes every night. Your child should be completing 1 spelling activity each night so that he or she is prepared for our quiz on Friday. Your child should also be completing the reading fluency activity each week. On the front side, your child will read for 1 minute and record how many words were read. Repeat this 2 more times for a total of 3 readings each day. A comprehension test on the passage will be given on Friday for a grade.
As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


January 18


  • Friday, January 19th is our field trip to the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Please have your child wear his or her green leader in me shirt. (The shirt with the emojis on it.)  If your child doesn’t have one, he or she can wear a green shirt instead. We will be outside on the nature trails for a small part of our field trip, so please send in a coat with your child for the field trip as well as comfortable shoes for walking. If your child is bringing a lunch, all parts of the lunch should be disposable including the bag it is in.

In science, we have been about the regions and habitats of Georgia. We will learn about specific animals and plants that live in each region as well as the adaptations which help animals and plants survive. Our field trip will be a great hands on experience to help us learn more about these science concepts.

Check out the website below to continue to learn about the regions and the habitats in Georgia.


January 7

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone,

We have a busy, fun week ahead of us! I can’t wait to see everyone Monday morning!

  • Please sign and return the white report card envelope that was sent home on Friday.
  • Please sign and return the red reading challenge sheet by Monday
  • Please return the field trip permission form & payment ASAP! Our field trip is January 19th.
  • We have Science Lab on Monday at 1:00 – 2:00

Important Dates:

  • Tuesday, January 9, 2018 – Papa John’s Pizza Night
  • Friday, January 12, 2018 – All Science Fair projects are due (This is optional.)
  • Monday, January 15,2018 – MLK Holiday – No School
  • Thursday, January 18, 2018 – 6:00pm – 8:00pm –  STEM/STEAM Night at Addison
  • Thursday, January 25, 2018 – Chick-Fil-A Night
  • Friday, January 26, 2017 – Father/Daughter Dance

Here’s a look at our learning this week:

In science, we will be starting a brand new unit on the Regions & Habitats of Georgia. We will learn about the different plants and animals of the Coastal Plains, Piedmont, Blue Ridge Mountains, Valley & Ridge, and Appalachian Plateau. We will also learn how different plants and animals have certain adaptations which help that species survive in their habitat.

In math, we will learn how to find the perimeter of a polygon. We will learn that you can add the sides to find the perimeter. We will also review how to find the area of a rectangle (multiply length times width.)

In reading, we will be reading Peter Pan. This week we will Ask and Answer Questions to demonstrate the understanding o the text.

In writing, we will begin learning about opinion writing. We will learn that once you form your opinion, you need to support your opinion with reasons and examples. We have also started learning how to write in cursive!


Regular homework will resume this week. Spelling notebooks will go home on Mondays and will be due on Fridays. Daily math practice will be sent home. Your child should be reading at least 20 minutes each night. I can’t stress the importance of nightly reading! I encourage you to choose a chapter book with your child to read together each night. If they read on their own, please ask them to tell you about what they read to check for accountability. Remember to have your child fill out their book log daily and parent sign it daily.

NEW HOMEWORK: I will be sending home a short reading passage each Monday as well. Your child should read as much of the passage as he or she can for a minute and mark how many words were read. He or she will repeat this 2 times each night. We will practice once in the class and review vocabulary. The purpose is to increase your child’s reading fluency. A Comprehension Test will be given on the passage on Friday.  Your child needs to make sure he/she brings passage back to school daily. They will need that passage on Friday to find the answers and then respond using complete sentences. Your child should also continue practicing multiplication facts. We will continue with timed multiplication test.

January 4

Happy New Year!

Burr the weather is cold outside, but I hope everyone had a relaxing Winter Break.

I want to thank all the parents that joined us for our Holiday Party to help make it a wonderful start of the Winter Break.

This Week:

We have Science Lab this Friday, to make up for our missed lab on the snow day.

Report Cards will go home on Friday.

More information to follow with what we will be covering in the next few weeks.



Important Dates:

If you sent an intent form to participate in the Science Fair. Projects are due, January 12

See Addison Website or more information.


November 13

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone!

Here are some upcoming important dates:

  • Wednesday, November 15th Third Grade Thanksgiving LunchOur class will have Thanksgiving lunch together at 12:20. Please join us at this time. ***After lunch, please join us back in the classroom to complete a STEM activity with your child. There will be lots of great critical thinking happening! We will be working on this activity until about 2:00 PM. If you have any further questions about this fun opportunity please let me know. ***
  • Friday, November 17th – Spirit Wear – Falcons Day
  • Friday, November 17th  – FBI Breakfast
  • Monday, November 20th – Friday, November 24th
    • Thanksgiving Break – NO SCHOOL

Here’s a look at our learning this week:
In science and social studies, we will finish our fossils unit. When return from Thanksgiving break and begin our new Early Explorers Unit! For the next several weeks, we will learn about 6 explorers.
STANDARD-SS3H2 Describe European exploration in North America.
a. Describe the reasons for and obstacles to the exploration of North America.
b. Describe the accomplishments of: John Cabot (England), Vasco Núñez de Balboa (Spain),
Hernando de Soto (Spain), Christopher Columbus (Spain), Henry Hudson (The
Netherlands), and Jacques Cartier (France).
c. Describe examples of cooperation and conflict between European explorers and American Indians.
In math, we will continue learning about the properties of multiplication.
In reading, we will continue learning about text features and understanding how text features can help us understand what we’re reading. Encourage your child to read a non-fiction book at home this week and look for text features.
In writing, we will finish our informational writing.
Image result for thanksgiving clip art
Have a GREAT week! Let me if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you!
October 29

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone!
          There will be no homework on Tuesday night! Your child should complete 3 spelling activities by Friday, read at least 20 minutes each night, and complete the nightly math activity (except Tuesday).  As you’re probably aware, Tuesday is Halloween. Costumes should not be worn at school.
Please do not send candy to school with your child after Halloween. Thank your for your support.
          In math, we will continue our work on memorizing multiplication facts. We have learned songs to help us with the 3s and 4s facts. Please encourage your child to practice these facts for a few minutes each day. We have games on our blog here or try flash cards at home or in the car. There are several apps for fact practice to try as well.
         In reading, we are continuing with the skill of identifying the main idea & details of a text. We are working on writing a complete sentence that tells that main idea. We will also learn about the difference between a main idea vs. a topic.

          In science, we will be investigating the different ways wind and water can change rocks over time. We will learn about the ways water, wind, ice, & even plants can cause weathering and erosion. Ask your child about the ways wind and water can change rocks.
Science test on Friday, November 3
  • The breaking down of rocks into smaller pieces
  • This happens slowly and can take up to thousands of years for rocks to become sand and soil.


  • The movement of weathered rock and soil
          In writing, we will continue researching for our  informational writing piece. We have learned how to take notes in preparation for writing our rough draft which will begin this week as well.
          Our grammar focus this week will continue with verbs. Last week we worked on adding -ed to verbs to make them past tense. This week, we will work with irregular past tense verbs.