Astronomy PPT’s

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Ch. 1 Intro to astronomy


Ch. 3 Moon features 2017-28p1w9f

Ch. 4 History Astronomy-16dd46t


Space Exploration Timeline-27n3r11


chapter20-168pxnk Mercury and Moon-1eslug3

Mercury and Moon-1eslug3



Chapter 24-19vdmw7

Chapter 25-1k8plmz




Chapter 14-2erqxbo


Chapter 16-21s3wtc



This week in Astronomy

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7/31-8/4: 1/4-10

Intro to astronomy; Safety contract and syllabus; Ch. 1 notes; Cosmos video; Turn in safety contract; Ch. 1 notes; Solar system scale activity

8/7-8/11: 1/11-1/16

Light year worksheet(2); Universe largest objects(video/summary); History of astronomy timeline; SBA #1; Mayan astronomy video; Ch. 4 notes; Notes on Archeoastronomy; 12 “trading” cards

8/14-8/18: 1/17-1/30

Ch. 4 notes; Card review with partner; Unit 2 (Ch. 4 and 5) Review Guide; Einstein article; Gravity notes; Ch. 5 notes; History quiz (SBA #2): Unit 1 ATA (Monday); Unit 1 Test (Tuesday)


Survey(1st); Astronomy survey(4th); Constellations; Design your own constellation activity; Ch. 2 notes; Autonomy’s biggest discoveries(video); Zodiac constellations; Unit 1 (intro) Quiz(Friday)

8/28-9/1: 1/31-2/2

Moon notes; Eclipse notes; Moon PowerPoint/brochure project; Shadow of the moon video(part 1); Unit 2 review guide; Neil Armstrong video; Night Sky notes; SBA #2; Space Junk Article; Telescope worksheet; Light and telescope notes;

9/5-9/15 (missed 4 days these 2 weeks): 2/5-2/9

Telescope notes; Radio and x ray telescope video segments; Space exploration notes; Space exploration power point project; Review guide; Atom (Ch. 7) notes; ATA next week (Wednesday) and unit test next Thursday; Project Mercury, Gemini and Apollo documentary

9/18-9/22: 2/12-2/16

Space exploration notes; Space Shuttle documentary; ATA  (Wednesday) and unit test (Thursday); Galaxy video

10/2-10/6: 2/26-3/1

galaxy Acrostics; Milky Way notes (Ch. 15); Galaxy articles (5); Galaxy worksheet; Alien Galaxy video worksheet; Ch. 16 notes; Balloon Lab-Expanding Galaxies; SBA #1

10/9-10/13: 3/5-3/9

Galaxy notes (Ch. 16); AGN notes (Ch. 17); Galaxy video(sub); SBA #2; Active Galaxy video segment; Crash Course on Galaxies; SBA #3

10/16-10/20: 3/12-3/16

Review Guide; Cosmology notes (Ch. 18); ATA on Wednesday; Unit 3 test on Thursday

10/23-10/27: 3/19-3/23

Ch. 19 notes; Poster and share activity; Jupiter article and quiz; Solar system objects project; Solar system formation video; Ch. 19 worksheet;Pluto documentary;Solar system notes; Planet video and worksheet

10/30-11/3: 4/9-4/13

Planet notes(Terrestrial and Gas giants); Create a Planet; Create a Solar System; Unit 4 review guide; Video segments(mercury, venus and mars); ATA on 11/6; Unit test on 11/8; Scavenger Hunt; Ch. 25 notes(asteroids, etc…); Finish and turn in solar system project

11/6-11/10: 4/16-4/20

ATA on Monday; Unit test on Wed.; Earth and Moon notes; Birth of the Earth video; (No school on Tuesday)

11/13-11/17: 4/23-4/27

Earth and Moon notes; Earth and Moon Quiz (25 Q’s); Layers of the sun; Sun diagram; Sun notes (Ch. 8); Sun power point; Review Guide

11/27-12/1: 4/30-5/4

Sun review; Sun (how does it work) essay (Friday); Ch. 9 notes; H-R diagram notes; Ch. 10 notes; Life and Death of a star Video(w/ Questions); Ch. 10 notes; Crash course(s) Low and high mass stars;

12/4-12/8: 5/7-5/11

Ch. 12 notes; Black hole article; Ch. 13/14 notes; Unit 6 review guide; Unit 6 ATA (Thurs); Unit 6 test (Friday)

12/ 11-12/ 15: 5/14-5/18

Final exam review



Final exams



Anatomy PPT’s

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chapt07_lecture [Autosaved] [Autosaved]





Forensic Science PPT’s

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FSci Ch 01 2017-24m58fk


ch3cs2 [Autosaved]-26z56oh

FSci Ch 15

FSci Ch 06






This week in Forensics

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Fall Semester


Safety contract; Forensic forms; Intro to forensics; Forensic History Timeline; Making observations notes, Woodchipper case, Ch. 1 THIEVES sheet, Famous cases; Zodiac Killer case


Law notes; THIEVES sheet; Review guide; FBI Crime lab; Notes on Law and forensics; Washington DC sniper case; Crime Scene walk through (mock crime scene): SBA #1


Serial Killer/Good guy Power point project; Law notes-presentations, ATA (on Wed); Unit 1 Test (Thursday); Evidence notes; Crime scene processing notes; T.O.E. sketches; Chain of Custody activity/Lab


Evidence collection notes; Ch. 2 THIEVES sheet; Crime Scene Handbook(group)(Friday); T.O.E. sketches; Sun shadow case(Friday)finish C.S.I. Handbook; Chain of custody lab; Crime Scene analysis notes; Essay; Crime scene review guide


Crime scene review guide; Unit 2 ATA (Thursday); Unit 2 test (Friday);  Fingerprint Challenge; 10 print card lab; Essay; SBA #2

9/5-9/15  (missed 4 days these 2 weeks)

10 Print card; History of forensics timeline; FP articles; FP crossword; FP Quiz (Thursday); Latent FP lift(powder);Fingerprint notes; FP A to Z;New Detectives-lasting impression; FF-amedo black; Shoe print notes; Shoe vs. Height lab; Review Guide


Shoe impression notes; Review Guide; casts and impression notes; Shoe and Height activity(lab); Shoe and tire tread notes; Collect Shoeprint activity (outdoors); Collect tire tread impression (outdoor); FP ATA;(Wed.); FP unit test (Thursday); New detectives(Trace evidence)


Trace evidence brochure; Trace evidence acrostics; Hair and fiber articles (Wayne Williams); Hair notes; Hair Microscope Lab; Fiber notes; Fiber Microscope Lab; Hair quiz(SBA #1); Fiber Quiz (SBA #2); Review Guide


Articles on the Lindbergh and Unabomber cases; TE Acrostics; Handwriting activity; Ransom note lab; Counterfeit notes; Forgery and counterfeit notes; Review Guide; Unabomber video (start)


Money Lab; Unabomber video (finish); Review Guide (group review); Trace Evidence ATA (Thursday)); TE unit test (Friday) ; Glass, Dirt and pollen notes; Forensic files (Coors kidnapping case); Soil analysis lab; Glass notes; New Detectives-identifying human remains;


Human Remains notes; A-Z on Anthropology; Human Anthropology Handbook(groups); Height Lab; New Detectives (3 cases); Finish F. A. Handbooks; Ch. 13 activities (13.1,13.2,13.4,13.5);Ch. 11 notes (Mortises); Bill Bass/Body farm article; SBA #1


Human remains notes; Entomology notes; Ch. 11 activities(11.1,11.2,11.4);  Review Guide for ATA; Human remains ATA (Friday 11/3); Human remains unit test (Monday 11/6); Ch. 11 notes; Entomology (Maggot) Lab(demo): How it works activity; SBA #2 and SBA #3; Utze video


Human Remains test (Monday); Blood and DNA notes; Forensic Files(Boggs and Human skull); Blood and DNA notes; Blood type lab; F. Files (1st case solved using DNA); Blood quiz; Blood spatter notes; Blood height lab; Blood direction lab (demonstration);


Blood spatter notes; Blood article(mist); DNA articles(cases/ OJ); DNA notes; Blood SBA #1; DNA and Blood review guide; Forensic files (Mia Zapata, 1st crime and Breaking news); DNA Acrostics; Activity 7.4, 7.5 and 7.6; ABC’s of forensic project; Poison Booklet; Toxicology worksheet


Drugs and poisons notes; SBA #2; SBA #3; Review guide; ATA on Thursday; Blood, DNA, Drugs and poisons unit test on Friday; Forensic files on poisons (penchant for poisons)


Ballistic and toolmark notes; Casings Lab;  Activity 17-2; Forensic files (Alaska drive by and hunting accident); (Final Exam review guide; Ballistics review guide; tool marks crossword


Ballistics and toolmark notes;Activity 16-1 and 16-2; Arson and Explosion notes; Arson notes; Arson dog video clip; Review Guide; Unit ATA (Thurs); Unit test (Friday); Serial Arsonist FF; Boston Marathon Bombing documentary; ((Time permitting: Criminal Profiling; Group Crime scene project)); Final exam review


Final Exam review (packets); Final exams





This week in Zoology

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Spring semester


Zoo A-Z; Safety forms; Pre-test


Scientific method notes; Cell notes; Cell sketches; Microscopes; Cell chart; Banana dissection;


Cell cycle/DNA notes; Evolution; Galapagos Islands video; Ecology PowerPoint; SBA # 1


SBA # 2; Evolution; SBA # 3; Review guide


Unit 1 ATA; Unit 1 Test; directional terms; Ecology group problem discussion; Animal notes; Shark key


Sponges; Shape of life; Review guide; Jellyfish; SBA # 1 and # 2;


Review with groups; Unit 2 ATA; Unit 2 test; Planarian article; Flatworm notes; Shape of life; THIEVES sheet


worm 1 sheet; Disease research; (IFORD review); Review guide; SBA # 1; Roundworm notes


1 sheet; SBA # 2; Roundworm notes; Unit 3 ATA; Unit 3 test; Mollusks video; Invertebrate group catalog


Group catalog; Mollusks article; Mollusk notes; Mollusks 1 sheet; Field Guide; Squid video; Review guide


SBA # 2; Bivalve notes; Clam dissection; scavenger hunt


Unit 4 ATA; Unit 4 test; Annelid notes; Echinoderm notes; Open book quiz; Starfish lab


Arthropod notes; Field guide; THIEVES sheet; SBA # 1; Insect key; Insect notes; SBA # 2


Unit 5 ATA; Unit 5 test; Chordate characteristics; Chordate 1 sheet; Fish key; Fish notes; THIEVES sheet


Shape of life; Fish notes; SBA # 2; Amphibian notes; SBA # 3; Review guide; Unit 6 ATA; Unit 6 test


Vertebrate project; Reptile notes; Reptile worksheet; Bird 1 sheet; Dinosaur article; SBA # 1; Bird notes; Bird quiz; Bird video


Bird and Reptile ATA; Bird and Reptile test; Mammal notes; Mammal 1 sheet; Mammal quiz; Final exam review


Final exam review; Senior finals

Coach Cross Schedule

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1st  – Zoology

2nd – Astronomy

3rd  – Lunch

4th  – Zoology

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