8th Grade We will be starting Human Growth and Development Please Bring in your Permission slips.

7th Will be working on Bullying.

6th is working on  Nutrition.

New Year Snow Days and Exciting Events

We started off with a few easy days then we were our because of Snow, We worked one day then we we out again. We have Career Expo coming up next week. Our student will be introduce to some great careers to pursue after Graduation. My class is working on a Tobacco project right now and will be due at the end of this week. Six grade is working on decision making skills.

New Nine Weeks New Students

Welcome to Health class. I am glad to have you all in my class. This week we will meet each others and get an introduction to the class. I will send home a Syllabus. If you have any Questions let me know.

Each week we will Work on Health Topics Monday-Thursday and On Friday we will go to the Gym and Participate in SUPER Friday with PE. All students must behave and complete all assignments to participate in Gym.


Short Week

Due to Hurricane Irma we have lost two days of instruction. We worked on  Anti -Cyber bullying Ads. Some are really good. Very Proud of my 8th Graders.

6th Grade worked on Conflict Resolution and created comic strip using conflict resolution skills to solve a problem with out fighting.

7th Grade will complete their Anti-Cyber Bullying poster on Monday.

We have on full week before September Break.

Please Donate the Griffin Foundation


The Griffin Foundation is a non-profit organization formed for the sole purpose of raising funds beyond those currently provided by the Cobb County School District to fund elements of education such as technology enhancements, supplemental enriched curriculum, student services, additional faculty and capital improvements.


  • Awarded over $30,000 in Teacher Grants, providing additional resources and tools in the classrooms, including this past year: iPads & Kindles, Media Cart & books in Learning Commons, tuners and metronomes for Band & Orchestra
  • Repainting/refurbishing of the theater; printers for all computer labs
  • Headphones for all computers; picnic tables in the Memorial Garden
  • Created an annual Legacy Award for two students who have achieved personal growth through perseverance


  • Outdoor Learning: a GMS Nature Trail, and refurbishing of Outdoor Classroom
  • Annual Teacher/Classroom Grant program
    • Continue technology expansion: classroom sets of laptops with cart


  • Capital Campaign: Give 2 Griffin (Fall)
  • Haunted House (October)
  • Student Lock – In (Winter)


  • Donate to the campaign
  • Volunteer to help with any of our events
  • Sponsorship from your business
  • Contact Kim Trumble at  kim.Trumble1@gmail.com for more information

Week 3 and 4 8/14-8/25

6th Grade will be working on Unit 1. They will be doing a project on the Health Triangle in class. If you have any old Magazines please send them in to my class. They will also complete a Personal Health Survey.

7th Grade is working on our Tobacco Unit. They will complete a Vocabulary and a project in class.

8th Grade will be working on Lifestyle factors and Risk this week. Next week Self Esteem and complete a project.

Week 1 and 2

Week one is over and Now we start We 2. We will be talking about Peer-Pressure and watching a video titles Extreme Days. It is about 4 Boys who take a road Trip and goes thru Peer-Pressure and Adversity. We will be summarizing the consequences of their actions.

Health Class New Year

I would to Welcome you to a new year and a new class. I taught Health for 17 years and then with Budget crunches we lost the allotment. Well now Health is back and I am glad. I will be posting a Syllabus by next week and let you know more about the classes. I will also be posting Permission slips for Human Growth and Development. Your child will be in the classroom Monday thru Thursday each week. If you child complete the assignments and behaves they will be allowed to participate in SUPER Friday in the gym.

Let have a Great nine week class.


New Unit Begins 1/30/2017

My PE class will begin Racquet sports on Monday.  We will Practice Pickleball, Racquetball, and Badminton. I hope the students will learn to enjoy some of these new lessons. Please have your child continue to dress out for class. We are still practicing our Pacer assessment each week. Our Champions are Nicole Knight 131 laps. Nate Lyons has 132 laps. Esteban Sanchez has 138 lap. Who will rise up to the challenge?