October 27, 2019


Just wanted to let you know that I have started a new means of communication.  I have a Remind page, and I have already posted something for this week.  All you have to do is text the code @331cb4  to 81010.  This will sign you up for Coach Vickrey’s class.  I will try to update that remind page as much as possible for the the things important to our class.

For our week, I just wanted to remind everyone about our CBI trip on MONDAY (not Tuesday)  of next week.  We will be going to Target and Steak and Shake.  Students should bring money for lunch, about $8.

Coach Vickrey


October 24, 2019


Just a few things.

Tomorrow nights game is a wait and see situation due to the weather that is forecasted for game time.  Rain is in the forecast, and I will text those who tell me they are planning on attending if the friends’ club event is cancelled.

Also, we will be out of school on Nov. 5th for election day.  That means that our CBI trip that is normally on the firs Tuesday of the the month will occur on Monday, Nov. 4, instead.  More details on lunch and activities will be given this weekend.

Coach Vickrey


October 20, 2019


This week in Coach Vickrey’s class:

We will be finishing up our unit on scientists and their amazing discoveries.  We will have a test on Thursday.   I will give the students a study guide on Monday with all the information they need.

We will have a Friends’ Club event this Friday, October, 25.  We will be meeting and watching the football game together as group for the first half.  I hope everyone can attend.  Please let me know if your student will or will not be attending.

We will be having a CBI trip on Nov. 5.  We are going to Target to do some shopping for some of our Gen. Ed. teachers for their holiday feasts.

Thank you for all you do.

Coach Vickrey





September 30, 2019


Sorry for the delay.  The break got away from me, but it was good and much needed.  I just got done talking with Coach Ellwood, who’s house we are going to tomorrow.  He is really excited to have us come and enjoy his property.  Please understand that we are going to take lunch with us from Subway.  There  won’t be much cost, but if you can please send about $6 for the cost of the sandwiches.  I will cover the cost of the “extras.”

Also, this week is homecoming week at school.  Students can dress up if they wish to.  The days are listed on the school web site.

I hope all of you have a great night.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Coach Vickrey


September 15, 2019


We have one week until the fall break.  Fall break is September 23-27.

We are still learning about Rights and Privileges.

We had a fun week looking at the life and works of  Roald Dald.  His birthday was Friday.  He was the writer of such works as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, and The BFG.

Our next CBI trip is Oct. 1.  We will be going fishing and eating lunch at our fishing site.  We will get sandwiches before we leave and take them with us.   We will take orders the Monday we get back from break.

I sent home graduation packets with the seniors for them to order their cap and gowns for graduation.  Please be sure to know that I will be with them at graduation and make sure that everything is going well.

Hope everyone had a great weekend,

Coach Vickrey


September 5, 2019

Today in class,

We had another busy day in coffee shop.  We supplied coffee for a meeting for the counseling department.

We reviewed our circulatory system review sheet and will have a quiz tomorrow.  Everyone had it answered correctly, so they should be good to go for tomorrow.

We read more about rights and responsibilities, and we talked about what rights we have and where they come from.

We did  some math, subtraction of larger numbers with borrowing.

Tomorrow we have a birthday to celebrate, and we will attempt to make some ice cream from scratch without an ice cream maker.  Should be interesting.

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

Coach Vickrey

September 4, 2019

Today in class-

We had a busy day today in coffee shop.  We did a lot of business.

We then had our Buc Block period.  We were able to be with many of our friends from Friends’ Club and some even went to the Buc Block orchestra for the period.

We then did some work on our unit about rights and responsibilities with some work on sentence corrections.  We were working on capitalization and punctuation of sentences.

We also did some math, looking at subtraction of numbers.

We also reviewed some of our circulatory system words and definitions.   We will review tomorrow and have a quiz on Friday.

We had some really good pizza for lunch!!

Hope everyone has a good night.

Coach Vickrey

September 3, 2019


It’s hard to believe that it is September already.

Today in class we started a new unit that talks about Rights and Responsibilities.

We talked about the difference and looked and what our rights are in certain situations and what responsibilities come with growing up.

We talked about how  to make a 911 call and the situations that would arise to cause us to have to do so.

We did some math and looked at how to do three number addition with carrying numbers.

We will not be to go on our CBI trip tomorrow.  There was a mix-up with the scheduling, we will not be able to make it up.  I will, however, still go and get pizza tomorrow for the kids to have for lunch. They will not need to bring any money for this.  This is my apology for us not getting to go out on CBI.  We will get to go to Buc Block tomorrow to spend some time with some friends.

Our remaining CBI’s will be on October 1st and November 4th.

Coach Vickrey

August 27, 2019

Today in class:

*We looked at our weather and talked about hurricanes.  We also looked at how destructive they can be.

*  We looked at historical facts vs. common or current facts of common amusement park treats such as hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, and candy apples.

*  We worked on more math with multiplication and division of simple numbers.

* We went to the library and watched our CNN 10.

Along with working in the coffee shop and PE, it has been a full day.

Don’t Forget–

Tomorrow– Early release.  Students will be leaving at 11:30 on Wednesday.

Thursday, August 29- Freshman Football game at Allatoona.  (vs. Kell)

September 4 CBI Trip to Publix and Mellow Mushroom.  Students will need to bring $8 for lunch.


August 25, 2019


I hope everyone is doing well and getting into the swing of the new school year.  I know this year has been a little different, but it has been a lot of work for myself and Mrs. C.  As most of you know, we have had to move rooms, and now have two rooms that we will utilize through out the year.  We lost the use of the kitchen, so our Friday cooking lessons have taken on a different look.  We have also started using a different program for all of our lessons.  There is much more work to bring home, and therefore more stuff to organize.  Please be sure to have your students ready with their notebook and dividers as we will be putting work in there almost on  a daily basis.  This will things that you guys will be able to go over with them nightly.  I will be updating this blog daily, to let you guys know what to expect to see in the notebook as well as the bigger reminders.  Please be sure to let me know if there is anything I can do to make things more easier for  you to know what we are doing on a daily basis.

Reminders for this week

August 28 – Early release.  Students will be leaving at 11:30 on Wednesday.

September 4 CBI Trip to Publix and Mellow Mushroom.  Students will need to bring $8 for lunch.

That’s it for now.  I will update tomorrow with lessons for the day.

Coach Vickrey