Monday updates

Hope Mothers Day was relaxing.  We had our Friends Club picnic today…. magnificient weather! We ordered Mellow Mushroom pizzas, drinks, chips and cookies. It was a nice way to show our mentors how much we appreciate them.

We are done with vocab this school year.

Will update later this week!,

Coach V and Mrs. C



Quick Class Update

We will have a quiz on the heart and circulatory system this Friday.

Friday picnic has been moved to Monday due to 90% chance of rain. We will make some type of casserole for our 3 Buc Brew mentors.

That’s it for now,

Coach and Mrs C

2 more Mondays!!

Parents and Austin,

Hope your weekend was enjoyable! Today in class we were reviewing the circulatory system and will continue this week with nutrition. Vocabulary words will be pertain to this unit. ( vocab starting tomorrow)

We have our last Friends Club after school Thursday May 9th. 3:30 to 4:30

Due to possible rain on Friday, Friends Club picnic will be moved to Monday.

In Culinary, we are working on a career project. They choose a career of interest and research required skills, salary,job benefits, and responsibilities. We are working on this class.

Have a nice evening,

Coach V and Mrs. C

Talkative Tuesday

Parents and Austin Fisher,

In 2nd block, we had students order lunch for themselves and a friend. We practiced adding totals and figuring tax.

We discussed their sizes in clothing and shoes. Some were unsure and need to work on this at home. We got a tape measure and everyone knows how tall the are…. just ask them!

We discussed the map of the US and talked about Mexico and the immigrants crossing over the border.

We are making pizza in Culinary. Please wear or bring  pants. Our quiz will be Thursday.


Have a great evening,

Coach and Mrs. C

Not just another Monday

Hope it was an enjoyable weekend!

Our Senior Paul Joseph is receiving an award this evening at Honors Night. (6:30)

In 2nd block we continued assembling our rockets. We launch them Wednesday or Thursday!


We are asking our class to write a note of congratulations to Paul. How he will be missed and to make a difference in our community!

Place in an envelope with his name and give to Mrs. C. have letters in by May 17th.

WE are making homemade pizza on Wednesday. If anyone wants extra toppings, feel free to bring them in.

QUIZ on Wednesday -quick breads and ingredients that go into making them. 9 questions with answers glued to the  back. If not finished, they were asked to do it at home. Questions are in plastic sandwich bag.

that’ll do it….oh yeah, sent home final exam schedule home too!

coach and mrs c

Thursday Updates

Parents and Austin,

20 days until last day of school!!!

Vocabulary quiz tomorrow. We will then bake something with the Moid class.

We begin assembling rockets in 2nd block, with the assist of our Physics teacher. We will launch them sometime next week.

Today in Culinary, we will assist in food prep for upcoming banquet and “Give Back, Get Back”. Our last cooking Lab will be next week.

Yesterday, we did experiments on leavening agents that we use when baking breads, muffins, cookies and cakes. ( using Baking soda, baking powder, yeast, salt, water,vinegar)


Enjoy Today!,

Coach Vickrey

Mrs. C





week of April 22 – April 26th

Hoppy Monday…. Oops, that was Yesterday!,

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend and Easter Sunday!. We made cute Easter/Spring treats on Friday, hopefully some arrived home to share.

**Vocab back this week! Test on Friday

** Rising Senior parents, please return Cady Studio sudent info. card. Card needs to be returned completed. Once you began receiving emails from         Cady, scheduling Senior photo can be made.

** Friends Club lunch will be Friday May 10th. As a thank you to all  “Friends” who came to our after school activities and participat in Buc Bloc, we  have lunch for them (all 4 lunch periods) If you would like to donate chips, cookies or drinks, that would be much appreciated.

**In Culinary last week, we learned about cooking with fruits and veggies. Thursday”s lab was sauteing veggies,black beans and then making grilled quesadillas. We also made Mexican rice. Yummo!


Enjoy your Monday,

Coach Vickrey

Mrs. C


April 18, 2019


Next week will be our last Wednesday Friends’ Club.

Parents of Juniors please return the Cady Studio information cards, so that you can be put in the system to get notices of upcoming dates.

Next week will also be our last Culinary cook lab.  Please be sure to have your student wear or bring long pants.

There will be a Friends’ Club picnic next month but the date has yet to be decided.

Lastly, we will be sending out the end of the year schedule for the last week of school soon.

Thanks for all you do.

Coach Vickrey

Mrs. C

March 24, 2019


Hope everyone is surviving March Madness!!  I’m happy that Auburn is still in it.

As stated earlier, tomorrow is our CBI trip to KMHS.  It’s field day.  I have told the students to be flexible and prepared for what may happen tomorrow.  We may end up going to Field Day or we may not.  If we don’t, we will do some fun things at the school in place of field day.  I will try to go get some pizza for lunch if we don’t go.  Please send your student prepared for going to Field Day, and  we will handle the rest.  Also for those who bring their lunch, be prepared for both.

Also, we are having a friends’ club event Tuesday after school for those who want to participate.  If you want your student to attend, just let me know as soon as possible.

Lastly, Prom  is April 13, for the Junior’s and Senior’s who purchase a ticket through the My Payments Plus app on the county webb page.  Please let me know for sure who will be attending.  ‘

Thanks  for all you do!!

Coach Vickrey