Another Crazy Week.  With a lot of sadness and sickness.  If your student is missing days I will work with each student to get them caught back up when they return.  So many of our lesson require  explanation that is makes it hard to send home. 6th Grade We started our unit 4 about Water Read More…


We survived a full week of school.  Sorry have not had a chance to catch up on the blog.  I’m also getting caught up on grades so those will be going in this weekend if all goes well. 6th Grade Today Unit 3 Test Next week will will start Unit 4 ************ 7th Grade This Read More…


6th Grade Plate tectonic post Quiz Dynamic Earth Webquest ************ 7th Grade Counselling lesson Amoeba Sister Video https://www.google.com/search?q=amoeba+sisters+eleven+human+body+systems&oq=amoeba&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j69i59l2.9847j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8


This week we are on a difference schedule due to testing so the following what will be done throughout the week. 6th Grade Plate tectonic Vocab PPT and Note sheet Plate Tectonic Lab RI Testing   ************ 7th Grade Levels of Organization Foldable Human Body Systems Packet Amoeba Sister video worksheet ALL DUE TUESDAY


6th Grade Plate tectonic Vocab PPT and Note sheet ************ 7th Grade Levels of Organization Foldable Cleaned out Unit 1 of our SSG (Keep Syllabus and save Unit 1 at home for future studies)


6th Grade Hope you had a great break Plate tectonic Pre test Plate tectonic Doodle. ************ 7th Grade Hope everyone had a great break Explained quarter grades– The Cell Processes Test was remove from this grading period and will be the first grade of the third quarter. Levels of Organization PPT and Note sheet.


WE  STILL  HOLIDAY  TREAT  DONATIONS  FOR  THE  PARTY  ON  WEDNESDAY     ****Please refer to green sheet that was sent home last week for details.   6th Grade Work Layers of the Earth Project.   This project they are allowed to design it anyway they want. Due on Wednesday so it be enter into the Read More…


6th Grade We celebrated how well the class did on the test MORE THEN 2/3 of the class made A’s on the test Today start Chp 7 vocab Needs to be completed by Monday Passed out the project that we will start on Monday.  Not for homework this weekend unless they want to get a Read More…


6th Grade We will go over the Study Guide today and Review for test. Study session Wednesday Morning 8:15 am Test tomorrow ************ 7th Grade Completing the week long Egg Osmosis Lab today Mitosis Foldable will complete on Wednesday Test will be  Monday the 18th