About Me

Welcome to my page about me! I have spent most of my life in Cobb County attending Mountain View Elementary, McCleskey Middle and Sprayberry High Schools.  I received my Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology with a minor in Zoology from Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, AL.  I have spent most of my adult years as a small business owner, but have always been drawn to teaching.  While this is my second year teaching at Durham Middle School, I have taught Biology, Zoology and Environmental Science at Kell and Wheeler High Schools. While at Kell, I coached men’s soccer and I also work at NASA Top Hat as a Park Director and Coach.  I also work very closely with the Sprayberry High School Soccer Program. I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Tash, for 21 years.  We have a son, Parker, who is 15 and a Sophomore at Sprayberry. While a Freshman, he played on the Varsity soccer team and was named captain by his teammates.  He also plays soccer at NASA on their SCCL Team,  We have a daughter, Avery,  who is 11 and in 6th grade at Simpson.  She cheers at Stingray Allstars where last year her team took second place at Summit and this year she is a flyer on the Junior 4 Platinum team. We also have 2 dogs that are always wondering where we are.  Any other time off, we like to travel.  Camping and deep sea fishing are my greatest escapes.