Cocoa and Popcorn

We will be finished with our units by Tuesday, December 18th. However, I still want my classroom to be engaging and science driven. I don’t believe in free days, however, we can make reviewing our previous learned content more enjoyable. Next Wednesday, I would like to review energy transformations through popcorn, cocoa and Bill Nye.

I am need of help with materials, I am needing Styrofoam cups, spoons and packages of cocoa. I will provide the popcorn. Please send these goodies with the kiddos. Again, thank you for your support.

8th Grade: Study guide must be completed prior to Summative on Tuesday, December 18.

Answer key for 8th grade Study guide. 

HSPS: Study guide must be completed prior to Summative on Tuesday,  December 18th.

Testing Revisions

Effective 2nd Quarter

·         Teachers will have the autonomy to require that certain tasks are completed prior to the original assessment to earn an opportunity to take a re-test regardless of their performance. (I.E study guides)

·         ***** The tasks that are required must be communicated to students and parents inadvance, not the night of the assignment. (I.E Remind 101, Blog, etc.)

·         It should only be tasks that directly impact students’ understanding of the learning targets on the assessment.

Effective 3rd Quarter

·         8th Grade: Students will be allowed to choose 1 retake for the entire semester


Remind: 1,2,6,7 @2aa347

Remind 3rd: @gfb69