Foundations Test and Re-Test

Parents and Students,

My Foundations of Algebra classes (2nd and 3rd) have the MODULE 3 Test on Wednesday 9/20 and the Re-Test on 9-22.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Click the 3 stripes at the top and select your class for videos that will help with the test material.

Mod 2 Study Material

Mod 2 Covers Rates, Ratios and Proportion

There are now 19 starred sections in the 8th grade material that you will find helpful. Hopefully, you are using daily.

Trouble with:

Dimension Analysis: Try L.4 Convert between customary and metric.

Word Problems with Rates and Ratios: H6 and H7

Percents: J sections

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Parents Please Check the Analysis Tab to see how much your student has been working.

Rate and Ratios from Day 1

Proportions and Proportional Reasoning

Basics of Dimensional Analysis

More Dimensional Analysis  (Stop at 5:40). The following example is a cm^3 and outside of what we are studying.


Math in your brain!

Listen to this 5 times, make 100% on this topic!

Not your style?

Try this one…

If this doesn’t help that’s a bummer.

Do you have a question about simplifying radicals?  Only listen to the explanation of 1-4. We do not need 5-6.

For adding & subtracting radicals, I like this.  From the beginning through 4:54, she explains and uses examples you should be ready for. The problem at 4:54 is great and is similar to one on the test tomorrow. Pause the video and see what, if any mistakes you might make then watch and grade your work.