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It’s been a great nine weeks thus far. I’ve gotten a chance to know my students and evaluate their progress, which will in turn help me to apply even more appropriate stratgies this next nine weeks.  These next nine weeks in sixth grade math, we will be covering expressions, one step equations, and inequalities. I look foward to the challenge of teaching my students these skills.  I thank all the parents who have been involved in making this a great year this far for your child and I.  Please continue to support us yb checking thier homework and helping them to study for all tests and quizzes.  Also, please check Pinnacle at least three times per week so you can keep up with your child’s progress, which will help them to achieve success in math.  Once again, thank you for sending your child to Griffin Middle School, I continue to look foward to working and communication with you in the future. Please review the second nine week syllabus at the bottom of this page.  Thank you.



Tiffany Comer-Hull

Griffin Middle School 2012-2013

Ms. Ivory and Mrs. Comer-Hull

6th Grade Math – 2nd Nine Weeks 

Contact Information:

School Phone: (678) 842-6917    



Issued Books/Binders:

Holt Mathematics Course 1 (The replacement cost is $54.95)

Holt Homework and Practice (The replacement cost is $1.50)

Holt CRCT Practice (The replacement cost is $1.50)


Online Resource:  www.go.hrw.com 


Student Responsibilities:

  1. Students must follow all classroom procedures.
  2. Students must bring workbook, pencil, filler paper, and notebook to class daily.
  3. Students must complete all tests, quizzes, classwork, and homework, even when absent.
  4. Students (not teachers) are responsible for obtaining and completing make-up work when absent and requesting retakes on summative assessments.
  5. Required Materials:

    • Lined Notebook Paper
    • Pencils (#2)
    • Eraser(s)
    • Pencil Sharpener
    • Folder to keep handouts



    Students must always be willing to keep trying even when a topic is challenging.


Parent Responsibilities:

  1. Parents should check agendas and homework completion nightly
  2. Parents should check Pinnacle and Homework Hotline weekly.
  3. Parents should always encourage students


Teacher Responsibilities:

  1. Teacher will be prepared daily to give rigorous instruction
  2. Teachers will give feedback to students regularly
  3. Teachers will provide an environment conducive to learning.
  4. Teachers will always encourage students to do their best


1st Nine Weeks Topics:

Unit 3: Expressions

Unit 4:  One Step Equations and Inequalities

A= 90-100

B = 80-89

C = 74-79

D = 70-73

F = 69 and below


Grading Scale

Participation                                          10%       

Class work/Homework                        30%                                                         

Quizzes/Checkpoints                           20%                       

Tests/Projects                                      40%


*Students will be given the opportunity to revise their “Almost There” formative assessments.

* Students who score below a 80 on summative assessments may request a re-test for up to 80% of the retest grade. Students must fulfill a study contract, and the re-test must be completed within 10 days of the teacher’s return of the original assessment.

*Late work: Students may turn in late work and still receive credit. The grade deduction for late work will be 5% per day.

*Extra credit is rarely offered and should be taken advantage of if it is offered.      

*This syllabus is  subject to change in order to accommodate class needs.  Students will be notified when changes are made.


Please sign and return the portion below. Keep the top portion for your records.


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