Lesson Plans 4/29/13 thru 5/3/13

Hope everyone had a great weekend after a long week of CRCT Testing. Makeups for CRCT will be given this week. This week in class we will learn the Measures of Central Tendency and Making and Interpreting Histograms. We will take a quiz on the Measures of Central Tendency. Fourth quarter progress reports will be given out on Monday,April 29, 2013. After this week there remains only 3 weeks of school!!!! The students last day of school will be Thursday, April 23, 2013. Sixth grade filed day is scheduled for Tuesday, May 7, 2013. Have a wonderful week.


Mrs. Comer-Hull


Lesson Plans 4/22/13-4/26/13

Hope everyone had a great weekend. CRCT is amongt us. CRCT testing will run from Monday, April 22,2013 thru Friday, April 26, 2013. Please be present and on time everyday. This week in my math class we will be reviewing for the math portion of the CRCT test, which will be given on Wednesday, April 24, 2013. After the math portion of the CRCT test, we will work on review math puzzles and math games. GOOD LUCK on testing!!! You have been well prepared, and there are still a few days left to STUDY!!!


Mrs. Comer-Hull

Lesson Plans 4/15/13-4/19/13

I hope everyone enjoyed their Spring Break and Welcome Back. This week in my class we will be studying integers and absolute value, while also reviewing for the CRCT Test, which everyone should be well aware of, that it starts next week.  The CRCT Test will run from April 22, 2013 thru April 26, 2013. The math portion of the test will be given on Wednesday, April 24,2013. Your attendance and on time arrival to school next week is very important. Please get plenty of rest and be prepared for testing!!!!  Thank you.


Mrs. Comer-Hull

Lesson Plans 4/1/13-4/5/13


I hope everyone had a happy Easter. This week in class we will be covering the surface area and volume of solids. We will take a quiz on these topics on Friday, April 5, 2013. Please remember that next week starts our Spring Break. Spring Break will run from April 8-April 12 2013, with students returning on April 15, 2013. Also, over break continue to review for the CRCT Test which will run from April 22-April 26, 2013. Make sure you are in attendance these days!!! Thank you.


Tiffany Comer-Hull